Shakira Shares A Video Of Kelly Ripa Dancing To 'Whenever, Wherever' With Trainer Anna Kaiser

Kelly Ripa and celebrity personal trainer Anna Kaiser performed a dance routine to "Whenever, Wherever" that earned Shakira's seal of approval.

On Friday, Shakira, 42, took to Instagram to share a video of Kelly, 49, and Anna, 39, that was filmed inside a fitness studio. Kelly and Anna were dressed for a sweat session, with Kelly's ensemble including a black sports bra underneath a short racerback top in dark gray. She completed her outfit with a pair of black workout leggings with silver stars on the back. The skintight pants appeared to have stretchy stirrups on the ankles, which Kelly was wearing over her plain white sneakers. Kelly wore her wavy blond hair down for her performance.

Anna was rocking a black zip-up Adidas jacket, baggy white drawstring track pants with a black stripe down the side, and black sneakers. She also had her blond hair down.

Kelly and Anna's energetic performance didn't include any of Shakira's signature belly dancing, but Kelly did flash her stomach quite a bit as she jumped around, ran back and forth, kicked her legs up, and lifted her arms up in the air. The women's choreography included a lot of fast footwork, and they were pretty much in sync until the end of the dance. Kelly hesitated for a split second, then she and Anna appeared to improvise as they moved toward the camera. The video ended with a shot of Kelly shaking her hips back and forth with her pert derriere facing the camera.

In the caption of her post, Shakira called Kelly and Anna's performance "amazing," and she paid them the ultimate compliment by proclaiming them to be the "sexiest girls alive."

As of this writing, Shakira's post has been liked over 148,000 times. The comments section was also flooded with hundreds of remarks. However, most of the messages were professions of love for the singer, not comments about Kelly and Anna's performance.

Anna originally uploaded the video, and Kelly later re-posted it on her own Instagram page. The original clip included a snippet of additional footage at the beginning.

"Shakira Super Bowl audition, take three," Kelly says to the camera as she's walking to her starting position.

Kelly's daughter, Lola Consuelos, didn't seem very impressed with her moves.

"Oh lord," read Lola's response to her mom's post.

However, Kelly and Anna's dancing got some love from professional dancer and actress Jenna Dewan.

"Well i just LOVE THIS," the Step Up star wrote.

"Obsessed with you two hotties!!! The contagion of these emotions should prove VIRAL!!!" read the equally enthusiastic response of Grey's Anatomy actress Jessica Capshaw.

Anna trains both Kelly and Shakira, and it looks like she's been helping the latter prepare for her big Super Bowl LIV performance with Jennifer Lopez this Sunday. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Shakira shared a snapshot of herself and Anna posing together in a gym last week.