Pauline Tantot Goes Braless In A Black Top On Instagram

Pauline Tantot has been keeping things sizzling on her Instagram feed lately, and continued her streak with her newest share. She was seen in a braless look that consisted of a black top and thong bottoms, posting two similar photos in the update.

The first picture showed the blond posing with her right shoulder facing the camera. She arched her back slightly to accentuate her bare booty, placing her right hand behind her. Pauline held what appeared to be a Polaroid photo in her left hand, and she looked down at it while giving a full pout.

Her front-tie top had long sleeves with feathery accents on the wrists. The model left the front open and opted to go braless underneath, letting her cleavage peek through.

Pauline also wore her hair slicked back into a low bun, leaving a couple of her bangs out to frame her face.

A second photo showed more of Pauline's figure. She stood facing the camera straight-on and raised her left hand into the air. The beauty continued to look away from the camera, opting to tilt her head slightly to the left and closing her eyes. This pose left her cleavage on display as well, and her toned midriff was also hard to miss.

The captions suggested that she was going for a feminine vibe, which she arguably achieved in the post.

Both photos were taken inside a white room with a purple glow. Many of the stunner's photos feature this look — the lighting comes from a neon sign.

Her many supporters headed to the comments section to talk about her newest share.

"Girl you are just perfect," raved an admirer.

"Your natural beauty leaves me utterly breathless," gushed a fan.

"The most beautiful woman of [sic] solar system," declared a follower.

"So gorgeous.... i bet your smile is devastating," speculated a fourth social media user.

It's fairly unusual for Pauline to share posts of herself smiling. However, she's been spotted showing off her happy side more often in her Instagram stories.

The bombshell was seen rocking another braless look in a photo set posted on January 17. The snaps were taken while she was enjoying a trip to Los Angeles, California.

Pauline wore a tight, white shirt. It had long sleeves and an open back, plus a front-tie accent that she made into a bow. She paired it with light, denim jeans with a high-waisted cut. She posed in front of an orange-red sports car on a sunny day.