February 1, 2020
Cindy Kimberly Strikes Sexy Poses On A Table In New Instagram Pics

Cindy Kimberly brightened up her Instagram feed today with a couple of new photos. Both snaps showed her in a sparkling, plunge dress as she struck sexy poses on a table.

The first photo was of Cindy sitting while propping herself up with her right arm. She placed her other hand behind her head and gave a sultry look for the camera. The model bent her knees and appeared to be barefoot.

The stunner's outfit was hard to miss, especially because there was a filter used to enhance the image. The filter added a ton of bright sparkles that covered much of her dress. She wore a long-sleeved, sequined mini dress with a rounded, low neckline.

It looked like Cindy was posing in front of a couch, beyond which was a soft-paneled wall or curtains. The backdrop had a blue tone to it, which contrasted against her ensemble.

The second picture was quite different and looked like a photo of a screen. Cindy was spotted on her hands and knees this time, and she upped the sex appeal by arching her back slightly to accentuate her booty. She glanced over her left shoulder towards the camera, and her hair fell over one shoulder and partially obscured her right eye. The sparkle filter wasn't as prominent this time, although there was one noticeable light graphic on her upper thighs. This image was also cropped in such a way so that her torso and face were the main focal points.

The caption alluded to a music video, which happened to be the one for the song "A Kiss" by The Driver Era.

Cindy's dedicated followers headed to the comments section to talk about the new share.

"You how many months late wolfie Cindy," joked an admirer.

"It didn't match my feed then stop," responded Cindy.

Others also teased the bombshell for not sharing behind-the-scenes photos from the music video sooner.

Plus, people had plenty to say about her good looks.

"I'm so proud," raved a follower.

"The driver era x you = perfection," declared a third social media user.

"Has your mom actually seen it if so what did she think," asked a supporter, referring to the caption.

The stunner has shared other Instagram updates in the past months where she rocked plunge dresses. In particular, she posted an eye-catching photo set on September 28, 2019 in which she wore a hot pink velvet ensemble. The outfit left her cleavage showing and featured a flirty ruffle accent that fell down the front of her legs.