February 1, 2020
Bombshell Fitness Trainer Kelsey Wells Switches Things Up On Her Instagram Page For Motivational Video

Fitness trainer Kelsey Wells regularly shows off her fitness prowess in her Instagram posts while flaunting her gains in eye-catching workout attire. But she showed a different side of herself in a video she posted to the social media platform on Friday night. Dressed in a baggy black hoodie, the brunette beauty sat down in front of her camera to share a motivational message about pushing past discouragement.

"You guys, January is coming to an end and I'm pretty sure that a lot of you, myself included, have not been perfect at all of those New Year's resolutions," she said. "But like I've said before it's not about being perfect, that doesn't matter."

The brunette mother-of-one went on to remind viewers that success is a long process especially when it comes to diet and fitness. She said that it took her years to change her lifestyle.

"I want you to understand that the way you change your diet is not to do it in a day," she added. "The way to change your body and gain strength and have exercise be normal is not to do it overnight."

Kelsey also used the video to encourage viewers to join the fitness challenge she's currently hosting alongside a number of other Instagram-famous fitness trainers on the SWEAT app. Challenge participants receive special versions of her signature PWR programs and other perks. Even though it started on January 13, she told viewers that it wasn't too late to get started.

The almost five-minute IGTV clip was viewed over 25,000 times in under an hour. In the comments section, several fans thanked the trainer for her encouraging words. Many seemed to get emotional over the video as there were some comments filled with crying face emoji.

"Beautiful inside & out," one commenter wrote of Kelsey.

While it's different from her regular awe-inspiring workout videos, Kelsey has shared this type of motivational message on her page in the past. In the caption of a previous Instagram photo, she encouraged fans to practice self-love and to take stock of their "inner dialogue," urging them to refrain from any toxic self-talk that they wouldn't use to describe a loved one.

Much like the most recent video on her Instagram page, Kelsey's words seemed to hit home for a lot of her fans, based on the comments many of them left in the comments section The post has also attracted close to 50,000 likes since its upload.