Anna Katharina Shows Off Enviable Figure In Striped High-Cut One-Piece Swimsuit On Instagram

Anna Katharina gave her 1.2 million followers on Instagram a treat on Friday when she uploaded a photo of herself in which she's rocking a high-cut one-piece swimsuit.

The suit was made from a striped blue-and-white fabric and featured a buckle detail usually seen on overalls.

Anna posed with her upper body turned slightly to one side, which showed off a generous swath of her hips. She also seemed to tug at the sides of her suit, which only emphasized how high-cut the design was. As for her hairstyle, she wore her golden locks down, and they cascaded well past her shoulders. She accentuated her eyes with dark eyeliner and mascara but kept her eyeshadow neutral. She went for a neutral tone for her lipstick as well.

Anna placed a blue heart in the caption and revealed that the suit is from Fashion Nova, one of the brands that sponsors her content. While she didn't share the name of the design, a search of their website reveals that it's called the "Keep Things Casual Overall One Piece Swimsuit." The design currently retails for $34.99.

Anna, who has become known for her hilarious captions, admitted that she was off her game with this, as she couldn't come up with a funny way to describe the photo. Her fans stepped up to offer suggestions.

"When you have to harvest your corn at 9 and the pool party is at 10," one commenter wrote.

This comment seemed to jog the model's memory as she replied with a caption she had thought about using.

"I was going to say something about needing to be a train conductor in the morning and swim party in the afternoon," she wrote. "Glad we were on the same page."

Other fans offered caption attempts too.

"As your suit is a cross between swimsuit and overalls... I have equal urges to swim and tend to the garden," another wrote.

But there were some who clearly didn't care about the caption at all.

"No caption required," a third commenter remarked. "Gorgeous!"

Although her most recent caption left a lot to be desired in terms of humor, the one under her bikini photo from two days ago did not disappoint.

"This is what guys look like when they try to do the butterfly stretch at the gym," she wrote.

While several commenters seemed too blinded by her colorful string bikini to notice her words, some of them responded to the joke with crying-laughing emoji.