Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Trains Her Back Muscles In Blue Sports Bra And Leggings On Instagram

Fitness model Anita Herbert poses for a new video on her Instagram page
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert trained her back muscles with a cable machine in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a bright blue sports bra and matching leggings, the dark-haired beauty started the workout with a set of cable pulldowns which required her to stand with knees slightly bent as she leaned forward. The second clip saw her tackle single-arm rows which she did while down on one knee. She grouped these two exercises into a superset and said that each of them should be done one side first before it’s repeated on the other.

The second superset included cable bent-over rows and cable single-arm wide rows. She used an underhand grip for the bent-over rows and stood with knees spread wide as she pulled the weight. She used the same stance for the single-arm wide rows.

For the next superset, she introduced a second weight to the workout. She used both simultaneously for the following exercise: cable kneeling pulldowns. However, she alternated her pulls between the left and right sides in the subsequent video.

In the last clip of the series, she crisscrossed the cables she’d been using to do a set of rear delt flies. In this clip, Anita placed her long black ponytail over her shoulder, allowing the camera to capture the definition of her enviable chiseled back muscles.

In the comments section, fans shared their appreciation for the demonstration.

“Now, this looks like a killer workout!” one person wrote.

“Awesome video, I too need to work my back more,” another added. “You provide clear sound advice. Very good form in your demo and your blue gym outfit looks fabulous on your magnificent physique!”

Meanwhile, some attested to the effectiveness of Anita’s fitness routines and nutrition guides.

“I love you @anita_herbert I follow all of your workouts and I feel my body changing!” a third commenter wrote.

“Love your workout and meal plans,” a fourth added. “I have never have eaten this much and seen such results. I can’t even believe it.”

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Amid all the compliments, some users had questions. One commenter asked why Anita did some of the exercise moves on her knees. In her reply, she said that doing so helps to isolate the muscle better since the legs are always active while standing because they have to support the body.

Commenters also asked about the source of her workout attire. Anita replied that she wore a set by fitness brand Body Engineers when the clip was recorded.