'General Hospital' Spoilers For Friday: Carly Questions Gladys, Nina Confesses, & Jax Spills The Beans

Viewers will not want to miss the next episode of General Hospital. Spoilers from a new sneak peek shared via Twitter reveal some juicy tidbits about what is on the way and many Port Charles residents are facing difficult questions and realizations.

The preview suggests that the dust will begin to settle slightly after the shootings that took place in Brooklyn, at Sonny's warehouse, and at the docks. Many people have made their way to General Hospital and spoilers suggest that there will be a lot of Port Charles residents trying to find answers amid the chaos.

Carly was saved by someone she didn't know at the warehouse and who she assumed was one of Sonny's men. However, it turns out that Brando, Gladys' son, helped her. General Hospital spoilers from the new preview note that Gladys will say something to Carly about this situation involving Brando, but it looks like Carly won't be buying it.

Earlier this week, Elizabeth learned more about why Hayden ran from Port Charles. Liz presumed that Valentin had threatened Hayden, but the conversation she was having with Finn and Nikolas was interrupted when Laura was rushed to General Hospital.

Spoilers indicate that during Friday's show, Jax will end up telling Liz that it was Nik who orchestrated the fake threat that scared Hayden. As Liz tries to wrap her head around this, Finn will do his best to make Nik realize that he's going to need to answer for the choices he has made.

Friday's show also brings a difficult conversation with Valentin and Nina. General Hospital spoilers hint that she will reveal new details that Valentin hadn't picked up on, probably sharing how she worked with Ava, Nikolas, and Jax to turn the tables on him.

Despite Nina's determination to move forward and the steamy kiss she shared with Jax, her connection to Valentin may be hard to end permanently. According to SheKnows Soaps, Valentin isn't about to just leave Port Charles.

Valentin may have to accept that he's lost Nina for good, but he's not giving up on having custody of Charlotte. In the days ahead, he'll face additional legal issues and soon make a major announcement. In addition, in the next couple of weeks, he will seemingly be hit with something even more troubling.

Viewers will see Jordan feel frustrated as she tries to sort through this mob ambush, and Michael will do his best to soothe Sasha during Friday's show, too. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will all set the stage for an intense week ahead and fans are anxious to get back on track with the show again.