Polish Bombshell Veronica Bielik Looks Smoking Hot In Skintight Mini Dress With Plunging Neckline

Polish bombshell Veronica Bielik was a sight to behold in her latest Instagram update. The beauty wore a skintight mini dress with a plunging neckline that hugged her curves in all the right places.

Veronica's update consisted of four photos that saw her modeling the skimpy dress. She stood by a large wind overlooking the city. The geotag said she was in Zlotta 44, which is an apartment building.

The model's dress was black and featured a neckline the went all the way down her chest to just above her waistline. The sexy number had long sleeves and the hemline went to the tops of her thighs. She paired the dress with thigh-high black boots, most of which could not be seen because the pictures cut off around the middle of her thighs.

Two of the snaps showed the stunner from the front, giving her fans a nice look at her cleavage and her hourglass shape. In one image, she looked at the camera with a serious expression on her face. The other picture showed her looking out the window.

One shot captured Veronica from a side angle, showing off her chest and flat abs. She held one hand at the bottom of the neckline while looking down.

The remaining picture caught the Instagram star from the side, giving her followers good look at the curve of her booty. She held one hand to the side of her head while she stared out the window.

Veronica wore her hair parted on the side and down in loose waves. Her makeup included smoky eye shadow and blush on the apples of her cheeks. She wore a nude shade on her lips and a pale polish on her nails.

In the caption, she said she wanted a hug, while asking her followers to pick a favorite from the photos.

Many of her fans said that they wished they could give her a hug, while others gushed over how sensational she looked.

"I would hug you forever!! And ALL of these are beautiful photos!" one admirer wrote.

"Impossible to choose one of them. You look fantastic on all of them. Without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the world," a second fan told her.

"You look absolutely wonderful in this set of images. Indescribably so," said a third follower.

Veronica has a knack for looking wonderful in everything she wears. She recently sent temperatures soaring when she shared an update in which she wore a set of red lingerie.