Nutritionist Jessica Sepel Spills On Her Top Five Foods To Combat Sugar Cravings & Kickstart Metabolism

Isabel Leah Cohen

Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel has revealed her top five foods for reducing sugar cravings, according to The Daily Mail.

The Australian JS Health founder takes to her blog to help others achieve health and well-being, especially when it comes to food. She draws on personal experience with dieting, binge eating, and emotional eating to connect with her readers and help them learn to nourish and appreciate their bodies without relying on dieting or self-harming behaviors.

In a recent blog post, the nutritionist sheds light on the dreaded sugar cravings that most people experience and how to combat them with five specific foods when they occur more frequently than normal.

"If you're seriously struggling with these cravings, or regularly experiencing significant ups and downs in your energy levels, it might be time to consider how you can stabilise your blood sugar levels."

Avocados are the third food that Sepel recommends for reducing sugar cravings. Healthy fruit is great for keeping blood sugar stable and is incredibly versatile as well.

"Add it to breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack to help stabilise your sugar levels," the nutritionist suggests.

The fourth food is sweet potato, which compared to its white counterpart, is higher in fiber and lower in calories. Furthermore, sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, perfect for stabilizing blood sugar.

Finally, Sepel recommends cinnamon, both for reducing sugar cravings and for boosting the metabolism. She calls this spice "a powerhouse of ingredients helping to stabilise your glucose levels, reduce cravings and support your metabolism."

The nutritionist acknowledges that sugar cravings are normal and the idea isn't to banish them completely. However, for those experiencing large ups and downs in their energy levels and feelings of irritability or fatigue, it's important to keep sugar levels stable to cut down on cravings and crashes.

While sugar is generally acceptable in moderation, it can turn into an addiction, as Molly Carmel attests to after losing 175 pounds from kicking her addiction to sugar, reported The Inquisitr. While cutting out sugar entirely can seem extreme to some, Carmel swears by it to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.