February 1, 2020
Sommer Ray Hugs Her Favorite Exercise Buddy As The Pair Work Out Their Killer Arms & Shapely Booties

Sommer Ray doesn't always appear solo on her Instagram feed. For Friday's update, the popular fitness model shared her post with someone she loves: her mom, Shannon Ray. She not only cares deeply about her parent, but she also considers Shannon her favorite workout buddy, as she mentioned in the caption of her upload.

Set to the disco music of Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," the two workout fanatics started their routine by giving their arms more muscle, using a cable machine inside a gym to accomplish this task. After a number of reps, the pair broke free to dance around to the tune, both showing off their curvy booties as they did so. During the number, the 23-year-old cutie playfully patted her 54-year-old mother's enviable bottom.

While they performed, Sommer rocked a red crop top and pineapple-themed shorts paired with white socks and sneakers. At the same time, Shannon wore an all-black ensemble, including a racerback tank and tight black workout leggings along with bright white sneakers.

Sommer wore a sweatband across her forehead as well as a full face of makeup, an application that included enhanced eyebrows, black mascara, blush, contouring, and natural-looking lipstick. Her mom also sported a lot of makeup, including what appeared to be faux eyelashes, as she went through her paces.

For their workout date, Shannon wore her raven-colored hair in a high ponytail secured with a scrunchie, with her long bangs swept to the side and some tresses hitting the top of her eyebrows. Sommer rocked one long braid, secured at the bottom with a black scrunchie.

In other aspects of the fun-filled video, Shannon hugged her mom, squeezing her tight around the middle while standing behind her.

The two women also used free weights to continue their workout. After numerous reps, Sommer broke out her dance moves one more time, not letting go of the weights she held but instead incorporating the equipment in her choreography.

At one point near the end, while Donna Summer sang "You're such a dirty bad girl," Sommer stuck out her tongue.

Before the workout video finished, another retro song sped up the pace and Sommer got wild, dancing around and enjoying herself so much that Shannon seemed to have no choice but to join in and show off her sexy moves, too.

Sommer's most recent Instagram post was popular with her 24 million followers. Within 2o hours of going live, the social media video featuring her mom, Shannon, received more than half a million views and over 1,200 comments.

"Peaches man," stated one follower.

"Love you sommer i think you're a nice friend (i know it)," commented a second fan.

"This makes me feel fat," remarked a third Instagram user.

"You both look amazing," said a fourth admirer.