New York Man Arrested After His Pregnant Wife Was Found Dead In Her Parent's Home

Rahul Srinivas

On Friday, New York's Nassau County Police Department announced the arrest of 27-year-old Michael Owen in connection with the death of his pregnant wife, Kelly Owen. According to NBC News, Michael was charged with second-degree murder for the crime he allegedly committed on January 15.

According to NY Daily News, the incident came to light on the evening of January 16 after Kelly's parents discovered their daughter's body on her bed inside her room. Kelly lived in her South Farmingdale home, located around 42 miles east of Manhattan, with her mother, father, brother, and Kelly's 6-year-old daughter.

The relatives told investigating officers that Kelly was last seen on the morning of January 15 after she got her daughter ready for school. They also confirmed that Michael had arrived at the premises to pick up their daughter so he could drop her off at school.

The next day, Kelly's parents became suspicious after discovering Kelly's car in the driveway at around 3:30 p.m. They were aware that Kelly normally goes to her daughter's school by 3 p.m. to help with the child's after-school programs. When they checked her room to see if she was there, they found Kelly lying dead on her bed.

Initial investigations revealed that Kelly was dead for a while before her body had been discovered. A medical examiner later confirmed that Kelly had died of strangulation. It is unclear where Kelly's parents and brother happened to be on the evening of January 15 and on the morning of January 16.

"All signs and all evidence pointed to Michael," Fitzpatrick told reporters.

Married since May 2013, Kelly and Michael had one daughter, who recently turned 6. The couple officially separated in March 2018 after the marriage "started getting rocky" in terms of monetary matters. The couple was said to have engaged in frequent arguments.

Fitzpatrick also revealed that the police intervened after the couple had been involved in a domestic incident in December. The couple maintained a physical relationship, with Kelly getting pregnant in January. At the time, Michael was also reportedly in a relationship with another woman whose identity has not been revealed.

Police believe that Michael did not want the second child with Kelly because he did not want to pay for her medical insurance. This, according to law enforcement, is the key reason that led to him reportedly committing the murder.

"He did not want this child. He did not want to give her medical insurance. He had this new relationship that he was involved in, and he was in a bad position," Fitzpatrick told reporters.

Michael Owen is due to appear in court on January 31. It remains unclear as to whether or not he has an attorney.