Rapper Fatboy SSE Promotes Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend In Harlem

Rapper Fatboy SSE and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.
Paras Griffin / Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Rapper Fatboy SSE, along with bodybuilder NDO Champ, recently went to Harlem in New York City to promote Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The pair walked the streets and handed out wads of $1,000 to push Yang’s signature campaign proposal: a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month for every American adult.

The pair brings some Harlem residents to tears throughout the course of their video as they promote Yang’s platform and the money it would bring to their community.

The YouTube description offers s bit more information about Yang as well as some information for voters.

“If you want to help get Andrew Yang elected and put an extra thousand dollars in your hands every month, go to GetYangBucks.com where you can register to vote, find your local polling place, learn when to vote in your state, and check to see if you are registered,” it reads.

The Get Yang Bucks website also features a merchandise section with T-shirts featuring Yang-themed artwork. Some supporters speculated that the video and store were the work of rapper and comedian Donald Glover, stage name Childish Gambino, who Rolling Stone reported endorsed Yang and jumped onto his campaign as a creative consultant.

As of now, Glover has been relatively quiet, save for a one-time pop-up store the pair launched in downtown Los Angeles back in December. The store also sold merchandise, including specialized Yang sweatshirts, hats, and posters designed by Glover.

“The specialized merchandise embodies the core policies and values of Andrew Yang’s Humanity First platform and future collaborations are expected,” Yang’s campaign said.

As for Fatboy SSE, he is not only a rapper but a social media celebrity with 5.5 million followers on Instagram, Heavy reported. He reportedly gained his fame with comedy skits, which landed him a role in Master P’s 2019 summer comedy I Got the Hook Up 2.

The Harlem video comes amid Dave Chappelle’s public campaigning with the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur’s team. Before a show at Iowa State University, Chappelle spoke about Yang’s proposal and his belief that it would help communities such as Dayton, Ohio — where he lives — “almost instantly.”

Chappelle noted that Martin Luther King proposed a UBI and expressed his belief in the importance of Yang’s idea.

“No one’s ever run on this before, it’s very exciting, I’m very inspired,” he said.

The 46-year-old comedian pointed, in particular, to the poverty, crime, and drug addiction of Dayton and the massive wealth disparity between many of its residents.