'Sports Illustrated's Curviest Model' Hunter McGrady Sizzles In A Stunning New Selfie

"Sports Illustrated's curviest model" Hunter McGrady sizzled in a stunning new selfie she shared to Instagram on January 29. The breathtaking new image shows a close-up of the model's face and a cute similarity to a music superstar.

The photo was taken by the model when she was sitting in a car, the black interior a stunning contrast to her light skin and blond hair. In the photo, she wore a pale pink fedora, similar to the style of music producer Pharrell Williams. In the post's caption, she joked she was "coming" for him.

Hunter also sported a stark black turtleneck sweater in the pic. The tops of her long blond tresses were tucked under the hat, while the rest of her hair was left long and cascading over her shoulders.

As for her makeup look, Hunter kept it simple and light for a day out.

Her brows were filled in with what appears to be a brown pencil. She also wore foundation that perfectly matched her light skin tone. In addition, her eyes were lined in brown, enhancing their blue-gray color. It looks as if she also added some false lashes, extending her lash line further, which she coated with a thick coat of mascara.

The Sports Illustrated stunner also sported a peachy-pink blush with some darker contrast under her cheekbones to make them more prominent. She finished off the look with a light pink lipstick.

The post, which was liked over 11,000 times, drew rave reviews from the model's 584,000 fans and followers on Instagram.

"You have become even more beautiful if it's possible," her mother Brynja McGrady remarked.

"Wow!!! What a gorgeous picture of you!!! You are so incredibly beautiful!!!!!" gushed one follower.

"You are SO stunning. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!" a second Instagram user complimented.

Hunter regularly posts photos and updates of her day-to-day life on her social media account, sharing an interactive space with her fans, where they share information and Hunter posts inspirational photos of her modeling journey.

Less than a week ago, Hunter posted another full-face selfie. In that photo, she showed off a favorite top for her followers and reminded them to remember just how "bada**" women are in the post's caption.

In the photo, the model wore a t-shirt with a woman's reproductive organs silkscreened on the front. The stunning design was created using leaves and flowers. That post also proved popular, earning over 16,000 likes for the model.