‘Xcom: Enemy Unknown’ Announced For iOS

Xcom: Enemy Unknown has just been announced for the iPhone and the iPad.

2K Games announced that they will be bringing the full game to iOS, not a new game that is redesigned for the mobile device. This is a bit of a departure from other games that started out on the computer or the console.

It is usually just understood that the mobile game is going to be tweaked and shrunk down, but the studio says that gamers will get the full experience when the port is made available. 2K and Firaxis has had quite a bit of success with the game when it comes to the console and the PC.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown was considered one of the best military strategy games of the year in 2012. This particular game was actually delayed in 2012 as it was originally slated to be released earlier last year and ended up coming out in November.

It seems that many gamers felt that the wait was worth it and there are now single player DLCs as well as other add-ons heading to the game on a regular basis.

When talking at PAX about the move, 2K said that the biggest obstacle towards bringing the game to mobile is the file sizes. When working with the game on computer, the game takes up 20 GB of storage.

That kind of file size would simply be too much for anyone who doesn’t have a 64 or 128 GB iPad. Since the company says they are bringing the entire experience over it seems likely that graphics will likely have to be downgraded.

The companies were showing off some demos of the game that will be coming later this summer and it appeared they had found some changes to the UI in order for it to work on the iOS platforms.

Are you going to get the Xcom: Enemy Unknown on the iPhone or iPad when its available.