WWE Rumors: Details On Edge’s New Deal, Including Number Of Yearly Dates And Insane Money

Edge's return to WWE didn't come cheap, but it works well for him and the company.

Edge returns to action at the "Royal Rumble."

Edge's return to WWE didn't come cheap, but it works well for him and the company.

It was something that WWE fans had been hoping for, and the company delivered at the 2020 Royal Rumble. After nearly nine years away, Edge returned to the ring even though he had medically retired back in 2011 and was expected to never wrestle again. Now, he’s signed a new three-year deal with the company and the details of his contract have come out, revealing the big money he’s getting and how many matches he will have each year.

When the countdown finished and the line “You think you know me” echoed throughout the arena, fans couldn’t believe it. Despite the rumors and all the speculation, here was Edge entering the men’s Royal Rumble match and getting back in the ring after close to a decade of retirement.

Even before his return, the whispers and rumors were that he would return and have a part-time schedule similar to that of Brock Lesnar. The thing about Edge is that a schedule like that is for his own good and to make sure he doesn’t overdo it or risk another serious injury.

Now, he has confirmed he’s back, and fans are wondering just how long he’s going to be wrestling again. It appears as if his return will be for the long run, as talkSport revealed that Edge’s deal is for three years and only a handful of matches. The outlet added, however, that the money he’s getting made it worth the comeback.

Edge and Baron Corbin slug it out in the ring.

Edge is 46-years-old and has overcome spinal stenosis to get back in the ring, and that means WWE won’t be pushing their luck with him. Still, he’s back and a huge draw for viewers, which also means that each match and appearance he makes will be special.

According to the report, Edge will make $3 million for each of the three years on his contract. He will be paid in full as long as he competes in at least three matches a year. The “Rated-R Superstar” has personally committed to five matches, with the Royal Rumble being the first of 2020.

To build up to those contests, Edge will make 25 appearances per year on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown. It is not yet known which brand he will be on, but with him appearing on Raw this week and starting a program with Randy Orton, it will likely be there for now.

One source has said that his discussions with All Elite Wrestling were to simply get a better offer from WWE and that Edge never had a true interest in signing there. That being said, the bargaining aspect helped leverage a good deal from Vince McMahon, which reportedly had Edge and wife Beth Phoenix “smiling ear-to-ear.”