Savannah Prez Sits Pretty In A White Bodysuit On Instagram

In a new Instagram photo posted Wednesday, Savannah Prez was seen sitting pretty in a white bodysuit.

The fitness model posed on a stairwell with white walls. She appeared to be outdoors, and the stairs were made of light, distressed wood.

Savannah sat on the lowest stair in a bright white ensemble. It had thin straps and corset-like seams. Her outfit also had shorts-like bottoms.

The beauty sat upright with her left shoulder facing the camera. She propped her left knee in the air and her toes touching the floor. Meanwhile, she extended her other leg in front of her and bent it slightly. At the same time, she placed her left elbow on her knees and placed her fingers by her chin. She left her other hand by her inner thighs. Her pose emphasized her muscular legs and arms. The foreground revealed thin, light wood panels.

Savannah smiled widely with her lips closed and gave a flirty look while gazing directly at the camera. She wore her hair down in a middle part, with much of her locks blowing in the wind behind her. Her only accessories appeared to be a pair of large, silver hoop earrings.

The stunner's makeup included pink lipstick, and her eyes were accentuated with dark lashes.

The sun streamed in from behind her, and lit up her hair. Her arms looked especially tan in the shot, with her light manicure popping against her skin.

The model was seen towards the bottom of the frame, with the stairwell taking up most of the frame.

The photographer was tagged in the post. They simply go by "DRIES" on Instagram, and their bio notes that they are Belgian.

The bombshell's fans took to the comments section with their compliments.

"Omg you're really a strong stunning angel Savannah," gushed an admirer.

"I just love this girl! Beautiful face and beautiful body," raved a follower.

"I swear you get prettier everyday [sic] Savannah," expressed a supporter.

"You don't skip leg day," observed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Savannah posted another social media update three days ago where she flaunted her physique. This time, the attention was all on her toned abs. She wore a white crop top and tight, blue leggings. Her shirt had short sleeves and a tight fit. Meanwhile, her pants had a thick waistband that rested right below her belly button. She wore her hair down in a middle part and smiled sweetly for the photo.