Jojo Babie Puts On See-Through Bodysuit In New Instagram Pic

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie shared a new selfie to her Instagram page earlier today, wearing a see-through bodysuit for the occasion. For an as-yet unknown reason, however, this share has since been removed from the platform.

The ensemble featured a high crew neckline and half-length sleeves. The neckline was dark black, and the sleeves also had frilly accents that added a flirty touch. The bodysuit was see-through. made of sheer black fabric, and had tiny polka dots throughout. It also featured a super high cut at the bottom, one that left the sides of her hips bare — and likely her derriere too.

In said photo, the stunner posed in a short hallway in front of a white door. She leaned on the wall and raised her left hand, placing her right hand on her hips. Jojo positioned herself in such a way as to emphasize her right hip and crossed one leg in front.

Jojo wore her hair down in a right side part. Her locks fell in front of her chest, which partially censored her ample assets. Even so, her cleavage was still in evidence. Her sparkling navel ring could also be seen, and she didn’t wear any other accessories.

The model’s makeup application included purple eyeshadow, dark lashes, and a small cat-eye. Her lipstick was light pink and her manicure matched this shade.

The room she was seen in boasted off-white walls and brown carpet. Light streamed into the space and lit up the door behind Jojo. The corner of the room wasn’t decorated, leaving the focus solely on the model.

The sensation’s many followers took to the comments section to gush about her good looks.

“Absolutely beautiful and so perfect….,” gushed a fan.

“You’ve got such a stunning face,” observed a follower.

Others referred to the caption attached to this now-deleted share.

“Done that! You are so wonderful so stunning BLESS YOU,” exclaimed a supporter.

“I already did because I love you and I will always support you,” wrote an admirer.

On January 8, Jojo had posted another photo to her Instagram page that showed her in a bodysuit. That time, she wore a thong-cut ensemble and posed on a gravel road.

In that particular image, the model stood with her legs apart while leaning on her left leg. This pose left her booty on full display. It was also possible to see that the bodysuit had a low back with strappy accents. She looked back over her left shoulder during this shoot, teasing her admirers.