‘Prison Break’s’ Wentworth Miller Scores Second Scribe Job With ‘Scare Me’

Looks like Wentworth Miller has finally found his calling. Despite his hypnotizing green eyes, and overall good looks the Prison Break actor has landed his second script.

Miller, who is known for his work as an actor, notably in Fox’s hit series Prison Break, is getting his hands dirty with another screenplay. It’s been announced that Wentworth is set to adapt a screenplay from the novel Scare Me by author Richard Parker.

The novel, which Miller will be adapting into a film, is said to follow a wealthy businessman named Will Frost, who awakes to a cryptic phone call asking the man, “When did you last Google yourself?” When he actually googles himself, he uncovers a website displaying photographs from inside of his own house as well as additional homes he has never seen before. In one of the homes he discovers a gruesome murder has taken place.

This is the second time Wentworth Miller is taking a stab at screenwriting. His first film Stoker proved to be a pretty steady success. Stoker, which ran limited in March received critical acclaim. The film, which starred Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, and Mia Wasikowska is about a girl who comes to know a mysterious, charming uncle only to become infatuated with him.

Wentworth Miller’s second project is said to be in the early stages. So early that the novel which his project is based on, hasn’t even come out. The novel Scare Me is said to be released on April 30 and is the second novel for Parker. Prior to this novel Richard Parker released the thriller Stop Me back in 2010. Oddly enough Miller and Parker have TV in common, as Parker was a television writer and moved into books.

However, fans of Wentworth Miller shouldn’t worry. The actor turned screenwriter is still looking to take on some roles. Coming up for the actor is the thriller The Loft, which will see him starring alongside James Marsden and Karl Urban.