Julia Rose Flaunts Her Booty In A Thong Bikini In New Topless Pic

Julia Rose takes a selfie.
Julia Rose / Instagram

Julia Rose took to her Instagram page earlier today to share another sultry photo. She opted to go topless in a thong bikini and was seen holding the sides of her booty.

The model stood outside in a mostly white patio — it had a white fence, flooring, and kitchen.

Julia posed with her back angled towards the camera in such a way that her derriere and chest could be seen. And thanks to her choice to go topless, the image was a sizzling one.

The stunner wore light blue bottoms with straps that rested low on her hips. She was seen smiling while turning her head to the right. At the same time, she placed her hands on the sides of her booty, letting her fingers conform to her curves. Meanwhile, her sideboob was also on full display, although she positioned herself in such a way to make the photo permissible for social media.

Julia wore her hair down, with much of it falling behind her shoulders. Her blond highlights popped, her locks reaching the middle of her back.

Behind her was an outdoor grilling area. She stood in front of a black BBQ, while a large, stainless steel one could be seen further behind it. The area was decorated with a light blue hammock and a small green plant in a white pot.

There was also a tiered area with colorful, striped lounge chairs. Palm trees and other foliage could be seen peeking through from behind the fence. The photo was taken on a sunny day, with many hazy clouds in the skies.

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wednesdays are great butt so are tuesdays

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Julia’s adoring followers took to the comments section to send their love.

“Big fan if you don’t know by now,” gushed a fan.

“Gift from the heavens so Amazing,” raved a supporter.

“I need a poster of you on my wall,” wrote an admirer.

However, the comment that seemed to have the most likes — garnering over 450 likes — focused on the backdrop.

“Question: why have a charcoal grill when there’s a beautiful gas grill right there?” wondered a fourth social media user.

In addition, the bombshell shared another photo four days ago that also caught her fans’ attention. This time, she flaunted her figure in a different way: she rocked a tiny crop top and ripped jeans. Instead of showcasing her sideboob, Julia opted to display her underboob. The black tank top also seemed to slip an inch, as the model partially exposed her chest. The jeans had large holes on the front, including on her upper thighs.