‘Sports Illustrated’ Bombshell Emily DiDonato Tugs Multicolored Bikini Down In Smoldering New Instagram Photo

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Emily DiDonato flaunted her enviable assets on Instagram on Tuesday when she shared a photo of herself in a multicolored string bikini.

In the shared snapshot, the brunette beauty tugged one of the strings of the bikini bottoms down which showcased even more of her bronzed skin. She wore her dark brown hair loose, and it fell well past her shoulders in slick waves. She struck a commanding pose with one hip jutted out to the side as she stood in the ocean and sent an entrancing stare to the viewers.

Emily’s Instagram photo, which is from the last time Emily graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2016, has been liked over 35,000 times so far. In the almost 400 comments beneath it, fans expressed their admiration for the stunning image.

“I’m speechless for your beauty!” one person wrote.

“One of my favorite models ever, such an inspiration!!” another added.

In the caption, Emily revealed that the photo was meant to promote a new video on her YouTube channel in which she shared tips on posing like a model.

But some of her fans seemed unconvinced that the advice would work for them.

“Does it work on awkward and nerdy people like me?” one Instagram user wrote.

In her reply, Emily said that it would.

Others were more enthusiastic about the prospect of hearing Emily’s advice.

“You always look perfect in all the pics!!!” a fourth fan wrote. “But HELL YES, I’ll go to see that video right now, cause I love all your tips.”

In the YouTube video, Emily focused on a couple of key topics which she said were essential for looking good in every photo you take.

She advised viewers to pose for photos in natural light, preferably during sunrise and sunset, for the best results. But she also suggested avoiding shooting photos when you’re lit from directly overhead or in fluorescent light.

As for posing, she advised viewers to be mindful of their posture when taking photos and to refrain from slouching when sitting or standing. Standing with the shoulders down and the torso upright is ideal for looking the best you possibly can when being photographed, she said.

“It is also helpful to imagine that a thread is pulling you from the top of your head, almost all the way up to the sky,” she said. “Almost thinking about it like you’re a dancer…”

For more of Emily’s posing tips, check out her video below.