Christie Brinkley Urges Fans To Keep Kobe Bryant's 'Mamba Mentality' Alive In Beautiful Tribute

Christie Brinkley is one of the many celebrities who are taking to Instagram to remember the late, great Kobe Bryant. As fans who follow the supermodel on social media know, Brinkley usually likes to keep things on her page lighthearted and fun. However, following the untimely death of Bryant, his daughter, and seven others, she used her platform to remember him for the amazing man that he was.

In the brand-new post, the mother of three shared five photos that included two of Bryant with his daughter Gianna, one of him with his whole family, and another two photos with quotes. She also penned a lengthy caption to go along with the images, and it was clear to see that she was profoundly affected by the tragic accident that took the basketball star's life.

"He made the people around him feel loved.and not just friends and family. By all accounts he made everyone he touched feel special," she started the post. " I have been reading story after story of people recounting their time with Kobe, and about how great he made them feel about themselves after spending time with him."

Brinkley then went on to tell her fans that her mother was one of the many people who loved Bryant, noting that she was a Lakers fan and the NBA star made her feel like "a million bucks." But aside from his talents on the basketball court, Brinkley reiterated what so many others have said about the 41-year-old — he was someone who cared deeply about his family and other people and that is such a beautiful way to be remembered. The model thinks that with Bryant's passing, we can all do our best to try to live like he did.
"I think if we all try to emulate his kind heart, we could keep his Mamba Mentality alive."
The Mamba Mentality means striving to be the best version of yourself and that's a legacy that Brinkley thinks should live on through those of us who knew or were touched by the NBA star. To end the post, Brinkley shared that her heart is aching for all the families who were affected by the tragic accident, calling it "unthinkable" and "tragic" while using with the hashtags "rip Kobe" and "rip Gigi."It comes as no surprise that the new post has earned the supermodel a ton of attention from her fans, racking up over 9,000 likes and 200-plus comments. While many fans commented on the loss of Bryant, countless others loved Brinkley's idea of carrying on his legacy by living the Mamba way.