Kobe Bryant Was Working On Trademarking Daughter Gianna's Nickname 'Mambacita' Prior To Their Deaths

Stacy Carey

NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died on Sunday in a tragic helicopter crash as they were on their way to a youth basketball game. Many videos, photos, and stories have emerged since the news of their passing, demonstrating the shared love the father-and-daughter pair had for basketball. Now, an endearing new detail about that shared passion has emerged: Kobe was in the process of trademarking his daughter's adorable nickname before the helicopter crash.

Kobe's fans know that the NBA great's nickname was the "Black Mamba." It turns out that this was a nickname he created for himself many years ago during a tough time in his personal life.

Gianna, who also went by Gigi, was passionate about basketball just like her dad was. Many fans had noticed that Kobe had started using a variation of his nickname, "Mambacita," for his daughter in some Instagram posts and it seemed to suit her quite well.

According to TMZ, Kobe filed paperwork on December 30 to trademark Gianna's nickname. Based on the paperwork the media outlet obtained, Kobe had plans beyond keeping his daughter's nickname in the family. The paperwork seemingly indicates that planned to create a full-fledged line of sportswear featuring the Mambacita nickname. Eventually, the line apparently would have included sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, jerseys, shirts, and shorts.

One of Kobe's recent Instagram posts seems especially poignant now. Back in November, he shared a video clip from one of the Mamba Academy team's games and he included Mambacita as a hashtag.

While the future of the potential merchandise line featuring the nickname Mambacita may be on hold for the time being, fans of the NBA legend are unlikely to forget the special bond that existed between Kobe and Gianna, or their matching nicknames, anytime soon.