Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Flaunts Chiseled Abs In A Tiny Bikini

Anita Herbert snaps a mirror selfie in a blue sports bra.
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Anita Herbert is tackling the issue of weight loss in a recent Instagram post.

Over the weekend, the Hungarian fitness model took to the popular social media platform to post a snapshot of herself in which she shows off her muscular and fit physique to tell her 2.1 million Instagram followers that she didn’t always look like this. In the caption, she went on about the issue she faced when trying to lose weight and become fit.

In the photo, Herbert is seen sitting outdoors on a wooden surface as she rocks minimal clothing that exposes her chiseled abs. According to the geotag she added to the post, the picture was captured in Miami, Florida, where the model and trainer is currently based.

Herbert is rocking a two-piece bathing suit that boasts a flower print against a dark gray background. The bikini top features a classic triangle cut with spaghetti straps that tie behind the model’s neck. The top’s triangles are small, leaving quite a bit of Herbert’s ample cleavage on display.

The fitness beauty is wearing a navy blue jacket tied around her waist, which is blocking the bikini bottoms from view. Next to the model is what appears to be a bag in the same blue color as the jacket. Herbert did not indicate where any of her items are from.

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????Why Can't You Lose Weight????? . “I eat so healthy, why am I still not losing weight?! ????” . This was literally me????????‍♀‍ a couple of years ago… . I thought I was doing EVERYTHING right . Prepping✅ Being consistent✅ Eating clean✅ Working out✅ . And then… ZERO ????changes . This made me COMPLETELY frustrated, and at times made me want to give ????up. . It felt like I had been doing something wrong, or my “body” was the problem. . Listen, ladies, there is nothing wrong with your bodies, BUT you could be doing something wrong for sure! . You want to know why I wasn’t losing fat? . ????????CALORIE DEFICIT???????? . Yup! Duh???? pretty simple. . I was eating super clean, but still was in a calorie surplus.. . In order to induce fat loss, you NEED to be at a calorie deficit. PERIOD! There is absolutely no way around it! . Lots of “healthy” foods have TONS of calories, and because you assume these are “healthy” you actually end up eating more than you need to! . ‼️HEALTHY does NOT mean LOW CALORIE ‼️ #FACT . Just because you buy something at whole foods that says organic, gluten free , low carb etc doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you want???? . It doesn’t matter how nutrient-dense your diet is, if you are not eating at a calorie deficit you won’t lose any fat ❌ . And gaining weight on a “healthy diet” is VERY MUCH possible! . “Healthy foods” to watch out for ???? ???????? . ????Granola ????Nuts ????Nut butters (this is my problem lol ????) ????Guacamole ????Acai bowls ????Dried fruits ????Fruit juices . and the list goes on & on…. . Once I started paying attention to my portion sizes???? and staying mindful of those calorie traps, I started to see ????changes… and you will too! . You can continue enjoying all your favorite foods, just be conscious of your goals, your calories, and your portions! . Click ???????? #fitqueenmeals see how my queens are eating! . @fitqueen_army #TeamAnitaHerbert . Did any of the “healthy foods” I mentioned above ????shock you? Let me know which one!

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Herbert completed her look by wearing a black cap, which she is touching lightly with the tips of her fingers. As usual, Herbert tagged Fit Queen, her professional Instagram page where she advertises her training and meals programs.

In the caption, Herbert listed a series of healthy food items that people generally associate with weight loss, such as granola, nuts and nut butters. She goes on to explain that, while healthy and nutrient-rich, these foods have a ton of calories. When those trying to lose weight indulge in these foods, they automatically assume they are sticking to a diet that should work for their goals, but Herbert explains why this is not necessarily the case.

The post was a success with her followers. Since going live, the photo has garnered more than 27,300 likes and upwards of 315 comments. Users of the social media app took to the comments section to rave about Herbert’s physique but also to engage with her caption.

“There is such a misunderstanding of how losing weight works. Love this!!” one user chimed in.

“Those abs,” raved another fan, including a fire emoji after the comment.

“Absolutely!!! Even if you are eating paleo, keto… you still need to ultimately be in a calorie deficit if you want to lose fat,” replied another user.