Aerosmith Reunites With Run DMC For Epic ‘Walk This Way’ Grammy Performance

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Rock legends Aerosmith reunited with rap icons Run DMC for an epic performance of their hit collaboration “Walk This Way” at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. The group also marked its 50th anniversary since forming in 1970 with a performance that had the audience on its feet.

Guitarist Joe Perry opened the tune with the iconic riff before Steven’s lyrics began their staccato beat, as the frontman made his way back and forth across the stage, scarves trailing behind his microphone stand.

Just as in the original music video for the song, which debuted in the mid-1980s, Run DMC members burst out of a brick wall onto the stage, expertly blending their voices with Steven Tyler and creating one of the most memorable and fun performances of the night.

Tyler donned black-and-white print pants that covered his shoes and a black shirt with the sleeves cut off; his were arms exposed, showing off his tattoos and a multitude of bracelets. The singer’s hair was straightened and highlighted. He topped off the outfit with a black Aerosmith hat.

As for the rap legends, they wore Adidas tracksuits and wide-brimmed black hats as well as Adidas’ three-stripe sneakers in white with black accents for the performance.

Fans were thrilled to see the vocal battle of the rock singer and his longtime rap icon pals once again, introducing the tune and the bands to a new generation of music fans. They took to the comments section of an image posted on the Grammy Awards official Instagram account to share their joy at the epic performance.

“The greatest. I grew up with them. It’s great to see them together,” said one fan of the duet.

“EPIC!! Except that the stage crowd has NO idea who they are!!” joked a second fan of the performance, who took keen notice that many of the younger people who had filled the Grammy stage pit seemed perplexed at the reunion of the rap and rock legends.

“Loved this epic performance! Sure brought the crowd to their feet!” said another happy fan of the bands.

“Walk This Way,” originally a heavy rock tune penned and performed by Aerosmith in 1975, was the second single off the band’s album Toys in the Attic.

It was reworked in 1985 after producer Rick Rubin introduced the song to the members of Run DMC as they worked on their album Raising Hell.

Initially only Run DMC member Jam Master Jay was open to the collaboration with the rock band, while Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels were against the idea. The tune marked a career turning point for the rappers, introducing the genre to a new audience while also revitalizing the then-languishing career of the rock band, who were going through a professional lull during that time.

Aerosmith was recently in the news after they had their drummer of 50 years Joey Kramer audition for the job he has held since the band first formed in Boston. He is currently suing his band mates, claiming they have stopped him from returning to the band as a drummer following a temporary disability leave in 2019.