Paul Anka’s Memoir Shares Secrets Of Hollywood Icons

paul anka my way an autobiography

Paul Anka’s memoir unveils the supposed secrets of iconic Hollywood celebrities. Anka reportedly claims that funnyman Bob Hope had a stable of young women and that Frank Sinatra loathed Barbra Streisand.

The popular singer/songwriter also said former President John F. Kennedy was “horny and wild.” Claims about the one-time leader of the free world’s penchant for beautiful woman is not shocking news, but Anka’s book reportedly goes into significant detail on the topic.

My Way, is reportedly the title of Paul Anka’s tell-all memoir. Anka was a pal of Frank Sinatra’s and kind of an honorary member of the famed Rat Pack. Sinatra reportedly referred to Anka fondly with the nickname, “Kid.”

Paul Anka reportedly used a lot of book space describing Frank Sinatra’s adventurous lifestyle during the height of his Las Vegas year. In the memoir, Anka reportedly offers details about the steam room sessions with the leader of the Rat Pack.

An excerpt from Paul Anka’s memoir reportedly reads:

“We’d sit around talking for hours, naked as the day we were born. Suddenly, a couple of giggling showgirls, also star naked, would tiptoe in, or occasionally, Frank would have ladies of the night brought in. Then he’d disappear to a little massage room and have sex with them.”

The 1960s crooner also allegedly feels that Frank Sinatra did not really understand women. The “Fly Me To The Moon” singer supposedly did not enjoy spending time with the ladies unless it was in the bedroom. Sinatra allegedly enjoyed having sex with his wives and hookers on an equal scale.

Actress Angie Dickinson may have been the one exception to Sinatra’s views on women, if Paul Anka’s alleged text is correct. Both Sinatra and Dean Martin supposedly agreed that Angie Dickenson was “the best” in bed. Frank Sinatra died at the age of 82 in 1998.

According to Paul Anka’s alleged prose, Sinatra was not the only Hollywood legend who enjoyed a sauna session followed by a little massage room visit. “We all knew what the wild and horny Senator John F. Kennedy was up to when he came to Vegas,” Anka supposedly wrote in his memoir.

Paul Anka’s memoir, My Way: An Autobiography hits store shelves on April 9.

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