Deadbeat Dad Poses With Cash In Facebook Photos

Facebook Photos

A deadbeat dad who flaunted his cash in a series of recent Facebook photos could find himself spending quite a bit of time behind bars.

Christopher Robinson has allegedly avoided paying child support since his baby was born. However, this didn’t stop him from posing with a tidy sum of cash in a handful of pictures he shared on Facebook.

Authorities arrested the 23-year-old after learning of the photos. The deadbeat dad now faces felony charges since the cash could prove he has the means to make his payments.

Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern said the images on the social media site essentially helped them build a case against Robinson.

“It’s a great investigative tool for us because it gives us a glimpse into their real lives that our targets may be living,” he explained.

Lovern added, “What a photograph enables us to do, is if somebody has more money than maybe they are indicating they do, that allows us to apply to the court for a search warrant.”

The photos in question might prove that Robinson has the ability to support his three-year-old child. In addition to cash, the deadbeat dad also posed with expensive bottles of liquor.

Facebook said in a statement to ABC News that it is willing to work with law enforcement officials “to the extent required by law.”


“Facebook devotes significant resources to evaluating requests for user information, and adheres to the letter of these laws when responding to requests for information,” the company added.

In the case of Christopher Robinson, Facebook was willing to work with authorities. If the deadbeat dad is found guilty of not supporting his child, he could spend up to 11 years in prison. He also faces several other felony charges.

However, authorities will need to prove that the cash shown in the photos actually belonged to the deadbeat dad. An investigation into where Robinson acquired the money is currently ongoing.