Buy A Palm Pre Plus Get A Pixi Plus Free. Verizon Prices New Smartphones

Palm Pre and Pixi Plus

The new Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus units have officially been priced by Verizon and will hit store shelves in the United States on January 25th 2010.

The Palm Pre Plus can be grabbed for $149.99 after signing a two-year contract and sending in for a $100 mail-in-rebate. While the Palm Pixi Plus will cost $99 with the same two-year contract and $100 MIR.

However, if you hurry and buy your Pre Plus between the 25th and February 14th you can get a free Pixi Plus (after MIR).

To take advantage of any deal customers will need to add a $29.99 monthly data plan to their contract, just something to consider before making your buying decision. Then again with the ability to run 50 apps at the same time on the Pre Plus with 16GB internal memory and WiFi for the Pixi, the decision should be fairly simple.