NBA Stars And Celebrities React To The Tragic Death Of Kobe Bryant

Sadness is all over on social media as fans and friends react to Bryant's death.

Former Laker Kobe Bryant waves to the crowd as the Los Angeles Lakers played the Dallas Mavericks
John McCoy / Getty Images

Sadness is all over on social media as fans and friends react to Bryant's death.

Tragedy struck the world of professional sports on Sunday as NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a tragic helicopter crash. The 41-year-old basketball icon’s death shocked the world and has brought about numerous tributes and reactions on social media from fans and virtually everyone. Celebrities and NBA players/personalities have all been sharing stories — and their condolences — as the news circulates on social media.

The death of Kobe Bryant is still under investigation as it only happened within the last couple of hours on Sunday, January 26. As reported by The Inquisitr, Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California and he was one of five who lost their lives.

News is still coming out about Bryant’s death as the NY Times has still not named those who died in the crash with him. There have been conflicting reports as to who may have been on board with him, and by 3:30 p.m. Eastern, no other names had been confirmed.

With the news of Kobe Bryant’s horrific passing making the rounds online and to everyone who had not yet heard, tributes started being posted. Many have jumped on Facebook and Twitter to pay their respects and also share the grief that comes with this shocking news.

Many are simply in shock and in disbelief that it has even happened.

As stated earlier, conflicting reports are going around at this time as to who may have been on the helicopter with Kobe Bryant. Some on social media are saying that his four daughters, ages infant to 17-years-old, were all on board with him.

As the investigation has continued, TMZ Sports has now revealed that one of Kobe’s daughters, Gianna “GiGi” Maria, was also on board the helicopter and has died. She was only 13-years-old. The report states that they were heading to Mamba Academy for basketball practice at the time of the crash on Sunday morning.

Even going back to his days of playing in the NBA, Bryant was always known to have traveled by helicopter. It was not unlike him to travel from game-to-game or even to practice on his private helicopter so this was not an unusual way for him to travel.

It is obvious that Kobe Bryant, as a person and a basketball player, affected many around the world in every single sport. He may be one of the greatest to ever play in the NBA, but the legends in the NFL also respect him and are saddened by his passing.

The investigation into the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant is still ongoing and authorities are looking into how exactly his helicopter crashed on Sunday morning. The world is sending out their love to him, his family, and all of those who were fortunate enough to know him.