Steubenville Rape Police Interview Videos Surface

Steubenville rape police interrogation videos surfaced and spurred even more debate about the controversial Ohio case. In the videos, several Steubenville teenagers reportedly describe how they let victim “do what she wanted” as the incident with the Big Red football players unfolded.

The recently released Steubenville police video interviews reportedly detail how the victim got drunk and was then sexually assaulted in front of teenagers who sat idly by. Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond are awaiting sentencing for the digital penetration rape conviction. The victim is reportedly an honor student and a soccer player.

Farrah Marcino, a 16-year-old witness had this to say during an interview about the Steubenville rape:

“Just like that, she couldn’t, like, she didn’t walk. I could tell that she was gradually getting more drunk and worse throughout the night.”

Marcino also said the girl wanted to leave the party with Mays, despite friends telling her she really shouldn’t do that. The teenager also said she now understands it was wrong to let her friend do what she wanted at the time.

The rape victim reportedly sent a text message to Trent Mays the following morning that said, “You should have protected me. Anyone with a heart would have tried to stop that.”

Steubenville rape witness Anthony Craig, 18, said the victim “was a mess” and recalled her not responding to others. The young man admitted to police detectives that he took two photos of the West Virginia victim during the Big Red football party last August.

Craig ultimately deleted the photos from his phone and police officers were not able to retrieve the images. During his police interview, the Big Red football party witness also stated that he girl was passed out and was picked up and carried out of the house.

Evan Westlake, the creator of the infamous 12-minute video of the party posted on YouTube, testified under immunity during the Steubenville rape trial. Nude photos of the West Virginia teenager were reportedly found on defendant Trent Mays’ phone.

Ma’Lik Richmod, the other Steubenville rape case defendant, said the photo of the girl being carried by the feet and hands was consensual. The West Virginia teenager allegedly told the boys it was fine to take her photo in that particular pose. The girl’s ex-boyfriend supposedly wanted a picture of the “drunk b***h.”

The details in the Steubenville rape police interview videos contain details which may be difficult for some viewers to hear.

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