‘Marvel Heroes’ Set For June Launch

'Marvel Heroes' gets a launch date and a trailer

Marvel Heroes has received a new trailer and a launch date in June.

Set to launch June 4, Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play super hero RPG from Gazillion Entertainment. The studio has launched a new trailer for the game to mark the announcement. Members of the Marvel Heroes Founders Program will get early access on May 28.

The trailer starts with the typical Marvel montage that all of the Marvel Comics films have started with, the word “Marvel” overlaying flipping pages of a comic book. This is followed by the bright purple on black Gazillion Entertainment logo. Then we see the game title, “Marvel Heroes” in similar fashion as Marvel’s War of Heroes app on mobile devices.

We then see a collection of super heroes in a room full of monitors, probably SHIELD headquarters, with Nick Fury on the main display. Among the super heroes are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and Storm. Nick Fury is saying, “Heads up, people, this is Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. As we speak, the super villain prison known as ‘The Raft’ is under attack. Several prisoners have already escaped their cells. Level Seven threats like Doctor Octopus, Sabertooth, Venom, and Green Goblin.”

We see a prison system much like the one used for Magneto in X-Men and X-2: X-Men United, and Loki in The Avengers, as the named villains are seen escaping. Two of which are the Shocker and Rhino.

Nick Fury continues, “Some have even escaped the island. We need your help.”

Iron Man follows up, “Let’s hustle. I have a business to run.”

Spider-Man adds, “I need to get a real job.”

The screen flashes the words, “Choose your hero.”

Then we see gameplay scenes with Hulk, Iron Man, Venom and such. The screen flashes more words, “Battle threats on a massive scale.”

The rest of the trailer is below.

What do you think of the Marvel Heroes trailer?