Victoria's Secret Angel Alexina Graham Wears Nothing But A Tiny Thong In New Sultry Snap

Alexina Graham sent temperatures soaring on her Instagram page bright and early on Sunday morning with a sweltering new upload that saw her nearly baring it all for the camera.

The sexy update was a captivating black-and-white photo that caught the eye with its artistic vibe and splendid showcase of the model's enviable, statuesque figure. The Victoria's Secret Angel was portrayed standing in front of a large, floor-to-ceiling window, gazing outside through the paneled glass with an absorbed look on her face. The snap offered a great view of the city line and gave fans a glimpse of the stylish minimalist decor, of which only a set of lavish drapes and the shiny wooden floor were visible.

Alexina wore nothing but a tiny black thong, exposing a great expanse of smooth, silky skin. The 29-year-old hottie had her back to the camera, and unabashedly flashed her peachy posterior as she posed for the seductive picture. The gorgeous supermodel left little to the imagination, flaunting her pert posterior and taut waistline in the minuscule low-rise bottoms. The redhead beauty also showed off her bare back -- and put her endless pins on full display, elegantly crossing her legs in a graceful gesture that called attention to her chiseled hips and toned thighs.

Alexina was barefoot, showcasing every single detail of her long, lean legs, including her slender ankles and delicate feet. The model even teased her incredible thigh gap, which was subtly displayed in the tantalizing pose. Likewise, her sculpted shoulders were also showcased, as were her supple arms.

Fans could also observe her impeccable posture, one worthy of any catwalk. The gorgeous redhead wore her hair down, further drawing the eye to her bared back. While her perky chest was not visible due to the angle of the shot -- Alexina held her back completely turned to the photographer, not even showing a hint of her comely curves -- the model turned her face halfway to the camera, revealing her beautiful features.

Of course, many of the model's more than 700,000 Instagram followers went wild for the sultry photo, and wasted no time clicking the like button 37,800 times. At the same time, fans left 233 comments under the enticing post, all within the six hours after the shot went live on the network.

"Wow, it looks so amazing!" one person said of the sexy snap, adding a long string of flattering emoji that included a couple of peach emoji -- most likely a nod to Alexina's exposed backside.

"Cant [sic] look at this on my way to church," quipped a second follower, trailed by a string of peach, fire, and heart-eyes emoji.

"Look at that view! This post is just another reason for me to like Sundays," declared another one of the model's devotees.

"That's the most beautiful view I've ever seen," agreed a fourth fan, ending with a heart emoji.