Chrissy Teigen Delights Fans By Taking On The Dolly Parton Challenge With Cursing And A Bikini Photo

Chrissy Teigen gave a shout-out to the Grammy Awards in her take on the Dolly Parton Challenge, and she also shared a sizzling bikini snapshot with her fans.

The social media challenge that Dolly created has proven to be a big hit with celebrities. The 74-year-old country music legend was the first star to prove that she "can do it all" by sharing a photo collage of four images on her Instagram page. Each snapshot was matched with a different social media platform: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and the dating app Tinder.

Other celebrities loved Dolly's idea so much that they helped turn it into a viral challenge by creating collages of their own. However, when Chrissy shared her take on the challenge with her 27.7 million Instagram followers, she made one key change: she replaced Facebook with Twitter, a platform that she's more active on.

For her LinkedIn entry, Chrissy chose a picture of herself signing a copy of her Cravings cookbook. In her Instagram photo, she was rocking a white sheet mask and holding a heating pad on her neck. That picture was taken while she was steaming her vagina. Chrissy's Tinder photo was a professional shot from one of her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was pictured rocking a tiny blue string bikini and crouching down in the sand.

However, it was Chrissy's Twitter entry that was getting the most buzz in the comments section of her post. It was a video instead of a photo, and it was footage from the 2015 Grammy Awards. Chrissy was seemingly yelling at a photographer, and most of what she was saying was being bleeped out.

One of Chrissy's followers asked her what she was saying in the video, and the Twitter icon answered the query with an expletive-ridden transcript of her comments.

"F*ck you don't yell at me, f*ck," Chrissy wrote.

However, she later amended her quote.

"Actually 'f*ck you don't yell at me, f*ck, sh*t' to be specific," she added.

In the caption of her post, Chrissy revealed that she chose the Twitter entry that she did because the Grammy Awards are taking place Sunday night.

Numerous famous fans of the model, Lip Sync Battle host, and Twitter comedian showered her with praise for her collage creation.

"You've won the challenge. Well done!" wrote Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer.

"Twitter Chrissy is the best Chrissy," remarked Bring it On star Gabrielle Union.

Most of Chrissy's Instagram followers seemed to agree with Gabrielle. Many of them also commented on John's demeanor in the video.

"John's face in the Twitter vid is all-time classic," wrote one fan.

Fans can only hope that Chrissy and John have another memorable red carpet moment during tonight's Grammy Awards.