British Beauty Bethany Lily April Rocks Unzipped Bra On Instagram

Bethany Lily April takes a selfie.
Bethany Lily April / Instagram

British beauty Bethany Lily April tantalized her 1.6 million Instagram followers earlier today with a new post. She was seen rocking an unzipped bra.

The model shared three photos in total. The first two were in color, while the last one was in black-and-white.

The unconventional yet revealing ensemble featured a Chinese-inspired dragon graphic. The bra was made of sheer fabric. Plus, the dragon could be seen on her chest, with the head on her right side and its tail on the left. The bra also had thick straps and a leather-like trim at the bottom. The middle of the bra had a zipper, which Bethany left undone. This meant that her cleavage was hard-to-miss.

In addition, the bottoms featured an extension of the dragon graphics that were on the bra that had a black trim.

The stunner was seen posing in front of a white, brick wall. There was a square graphic with French writing on it.

In the first picture of the set, Bethany stood with her body facing the camera. She thrust out her right hip while bending her arm and keeping it close to her body. At the same time, she lifted her right hand into the air. The model gave a sultry pout, which brought attention to her glossy pink lipstick.

The bombshell’s other makeup included mascara and metallic pink liner on her lower lids. In addition, she wore her hair down in a heavy right part. Her platinum blond locks fell around her right shoulder.

The next photo was similar, except Bethany stood up and left one hand on her upper thighs. She seemingly reached out for something with her other hand.

The final shot was a close-up look at Bethany. She struck a pose with both of her arms on her head.

Her many fans took to the comments section to share their various compliments.

“Good photo, cool top,” wrote an admirer.

Most people focused on responding to her detailed captions.

“Really beautiful pictures. You look stunning. Happy Chinese New Year. Have a great weekend,” gushed a follower.

“Amazing outfit. And frankly, I think dragon suits you better than rat…,” expressed a supporter.

“Thanks for celebrating with us beautiful!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

Previously on January 16, Bethany showed off her chest yet again. This time, however, she did so in a button-up top. The revealing images showed her embracing a “wardrobe malfunction.” The ensemble that she wore was a maroon red two-piece. Both the long-sleeved top and long skirt had big buttons that held it together in the center.