Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Trains Legs In White Crop Top And Gray Leggings In New Video Series

Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan trained her legs in the latest workout video series posted to her Instagram page. Dressed in a skintight white crop top and gray leggings, the blond beauty started the circuit with a series of single-leg squats, during which she placed one leg up against an exercise bench as she bent her legs.

She moved on to reverse lunges in the second video, a move which required her to take large steps backward while holding a barbell across her shoulders.

The third clip saw her perform a set of dumbbell front squats before she transitioned into what seemed to be the routine’s most challenging exercise: yoga-ball glute bridges into hamstring curls. For this combination, Ashleigh maintained a bridge position with her pelvis raised as she used her legs to draw a resistance ball closer to her. In the last video of the series, she instructed fans not to raise their hips too high or too low when doing the exercise.

“Not only is this putting you at risk for injury, but you’re also not engaging your hamstrings properly,” she said, advising viewers to align the hips with the spine when doing these hamstring curls.

As of this writing, the post has accumulated just over 12,000 likes and more than 120 comments. In the comments section, fans shared their appreciation for the workout demo.

“Love this one,” a commenter wrote.

Other followers complimented Ashleigh’s physique.

“Legs goals for sure!” one fan remarked.

But based on the plethora of comments talking about them, it seems like Ashleigh’s gray leggings were the main attraction for a lot of her fans. The flattering workout pants come from the model’s brand, NVGTN, but all of her designs are currently sold out. Several Instagram users expressed eagerness to get their hands on a pair.

“When will there be an update for nvgtn productss!!” one person wrote. “Can’t wait for next launch.”

In her reply, Ashleigh said that she’ll be sharing details about their upcoming release in the near future.

“It’s coming so soon,” she wrote, adding a heart emoji to her comment. “Lots of updates to tell everyone!”

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LEGS ???? . TAG a friend! . Is it just me, or does that weird leg emoji really creep you out? ???? I just can’t bring myself to use it ???? . Anxiously awaiting the rest of our gym equipment to get here so my lower body days can amplify ???? but until then, I made do with what we have! Here are some highlights from today’s leg workout for you to try on your next leg day ???????? . 1️⃣ Single leg squat variation- 4×10 each leg 2️⃣ Reverse lunges- 3×15 3️⃣ Dumbbell front squats- 3×20 4️⃣ Yoga ball glute bridge/curl- 3×30 5️⃣Fit Tip of the Day! . @brettstir ???????? Outfit- @nvgtn __________________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitlife #workout #workoutvideo #workoutmotivation #glutes #glutesworkout #squats #squatbooty #healthylifestyle #happiness #positivevibes #winter #Florida

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Ashleigh has worn a version of these leggings in several of her recent workout videos. She sported a purple variation of the same design in a series she uploaded on Friday, during which she completed a circuit of booty-bulking exercises like lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, dumbbell squats, and weighted glute bridges. Much like the most recent post on her page, fans flocked to the comments section of said share to ask about Ashleigh’s NVGTN activewear.