January 26, 2020
Margot Robbie Explains Why The Joker Isn't In 'Birds Of Prey'

"The Joker and I broke up," is the biggest quote taken away from the recent Birds of Prey trailers. Fans of DC Comics and Harley Quinn were shocked to find out that Jared Leto's Joker would not be making an appearance in the new film, which is due out early next month. The couple debuted together in Suicide Squad, and although the film was torn apart by moviegoers and critics alike, many thought there would be more development for the pair down the road, but it's just not the case.

At a recent press event, via ComicBook, star Margot Robbie commented on why the Joker is being left out of Birds of Prey completely. The actress had a large say in the plot of the new movie, serving as a producer on the film. According to Margot, the Joker had to be in the film in a very large capacity or not it all. It was just not going to work with a little bit of the Clown Prince of Crime here and there.

"It was either going to be a complete Harley and Joker story or Joker has got to be out of the picture," Margot commented. "I really wanted to see Harley in a girl gang and I felt there was a huge gap in the market for a girl gang ensemble action film. I felt like no one was doing that and I couldn't understand why, especially a comic book movie."

A Joker and Harley Quinn movie was said to be in the works right after Suicide Squad, but rumors have since suggested it's been canned. Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. Studios at this time. Many blamed the supposed cancelation on the bashing Suicide Squad got, especially after Leto's Joker was not well-received by audiences. A solo film for Gotham's big baddie has also been canceled.

"From the very beginning it was a conscious choice of they have to be broken up at this stage," Margot continued.

The actress also noted she has a backstory of what happened between Harley and the Joker from the end of Suicide Squad to the beginning of Birds of Prey. For now, it's not known what caused the couple's breakup, but some rumors have suggested that the Joker isn't alive anymore in the DC Extended Universe. Fans will have to flock to theaters to see if that's really the case.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn lands in theaters on February 7.