Niece Waidhofer Looks Smoking Hot Wearing A Purple Bikini In Her Latest Selfie

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette model Niece Waidhofer posted a sexy new photograph on Instagram on Saturday evening. The buxom babe loves to post scintillating pics on her social media feed. She frequently flaunts her curvy chest and voluptuous booty, much to the delight of her admirers.

For her latest snap, Niece took a mirror selfie in a bathroom located somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. She didn’t specify exactly whose home she was in, or if she was staying in a hotel somewhere in the city.

She rocked a sexy purple bikini with a ring accent and silver pieces dangling along the hemlines of both the bra and panties. It was designed by Agent Provocateur. While it’s not one the most revealing outfits Niece has worn on her Instagram page, it still showed off the curves of her ample breasts, including the valley between them. She also flaunted her slender midriff and full hips. The gun tattoos on her pelvis peeked out from beneath her undies.

Niece left her long raven-colored locks down in causal waves. Her hair was long enough to tickle her belly. The stunner also wore a full face of makeup. The application included a dusting of eyeshadow across her lids, bronzer, foundation, and defined brows. She finished the look by using a light pink color on her lips.

“Uhh y’all thought I get paid for this sh*t? If I tag something like a bikini brand or a location or whatever, it’s because people ask sometimes,” wrote Niece.

Her caption explained that she doesn’t like to endorse diet fads because she wants to protect her fans from their harmful side effects. She joked that she stayed broke instead of being a promotional model.

It only took an hour for the vixen’s latest share to reach 38,000 likes. More than 900 of Niece’s followers and fans left comments, praising her for her honesty and on her sultry appearance.

“Good keepin’ it real. Now only if other ‘influencers’ would follow suit,” one person wrote in response to her caption.

Niece responded to them by saying she had nothing against influencers who did promote products, stating she had a lot of “instawives” who do, but it just wasn’t for her.

“My god you’re gorgeous! You’d leave a string of heartattacks in your wake if you actually wore that on the beach!” said another fan.

A couple of days ago, Niece posted a scandalous snapshot of herself wearing a t-shirt lifted to reveal intense cleavage.