Michael Moore Rallies For Bernie Sanders: ‘He Has Been Consistent Through His Whole Life’

Michael Moore speaks onstage during the We Stand United NYC Rally outside Trump International Hotel & Tower.
D Dipasupil / Getty Images

Like all senators, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is stuck in Washington, fulfilling his constitutional duty as a juror in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. This has not stopped his campaign from maintaining an active presence in Iowa. With just nine days until the first caucus, the senator has deployed popular surrogates to share his message with voters.

On Saturday, famous documentary filmmaker Michael Moore rallied for Sanders, according to The Hill. Speaking to a crowd at a town hall event in Iowa City, Moore highlighted what he apparently believes are Sanders’ greatest strengths, pitching the senator to voters as an uncompromising and relentless agent of change.

Moore opened his remarks by paraphrasing Sanders’ recent answer in an interview with The New York Times. Asked by the paper’s editorial board what he would do poorly as president, the senator responded that he is “not good at backslapping,” joking that he is not the kind of person to call up a reporter and congratulate them on their birthday “so you’ll love me and you’ll write nice things about me.”

“He’s not that guy, is he? We don’t want that anymore. We don’t want the fake and the phony and the fraudulent,” Moore rallied the crowd, taking a job at candidates that have shifted positions on issues such as health care.

“No. No. No more, no more, no more,” the filmmaker said.

Moore also discussed Sanders decades-long career in politics, praising the senator for his consistency. Sanders, Moore said, took the right position on a variety of issues decades ago, and the rest of the U.S. is only now catching up to him, embracing the policies he has spent the past few decades trying to popularize.

Sanders, according to Moore, “has been consistent through his whole life, because he wouldn’t change.”

“We changed. America changed. He didn’t change any of his positions about the environment, about women, about war, about income inequality. He’s said the same damn thing for 60 years, and America changed.”

The filmmaker appeared at the event alongside New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Moore, Ocasio-Cortez, and other prominent Sanders surrogates have been dispatched to Iowa to help the White House hopeful reach voters as he remains stuck in the Senate.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sanders has sustained a large operation in the Hawkeye State, with a paid staff of more than 250, and thousands of volunteers campaigning, knocking on doors, and making calls to persuade voters to support the senator.

According to the latest poll of Iowa Democrats, Sanders is leading the field with 25 percent of the vote.