Kelly Ripa Gets Flirtatious With Hot Husband Mark Consuelos In Sizzling Video Clip

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Kelly Ripa is still hot for her husband, Mark Consuelos, even after 24 blissful years of marriage. The Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host was about to show off her outfit, just as she does on a daily basis after the morning show airs, but this time she got a surprise visitor. Her handsome spouse walked into the picture as she was being filmed in her dressing room. She appeared to be quite happy that he showed up. She almost seemed to forget that the camera was rolling as her attention was clearly on him.

The video clip that was posted on Friday on the show’s Instagram account showed Kelly Ripa wearing a sexy red sequined dress by Alice + Olivia that revealed her toned legs and hugged her petite frame. She also wore gold high-heel sandals that strapped at the ankles. Mark Consuelos told her that she reminded him of ice skater Michelle Kwan.

Once Mark walked into the room, Kelly’s eyes were on him pretty much the whole time. She told him that he was a nice surprise as he let out a little laugh. The blond beauty then told the Riverdale star that he smelled good and that’s when she just couldn’t help herself as she started sniffing him.

Mark seemed to be encouraging his famous wife to smell him as he exposed one side of the neck, then the other as Kelly couldn’t get enough of it. She told him that he always smells like clean soap.

Kelly finally let Mark describe his outfit. When he got to his jeans, the actor mentioned that they should be washed frequently or they can get baggy. Kelly decided to see for herself as she ran her hand around his thigh.

“Are they too baggy for your sculpted body?” she asked him.

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The show’s Instagram followers quickly took notice of the steaminess that the couple had between them. The comments left focused on how flirty Kelly was and the obvious love connection that they still had after all these years.

“Who else feels like we shouldn’t be here lol?” one fan asked.

“Every time she moaned, I was thinking the same thing! Lol,” another person responded.

One other follower simply told them that they should just “get a room.” This isn’t the only time that Kelly Ripa has made it crystal clear on how hot she thinks her hubby is. She talks quite frequently about her husband, even calling him “daddy.” The mom of three is also not shy about calling him that on social media as well.