Fitness Model Michie Peachie Stuns In Bright Orange Bodysuit As She Trains Her Quads In New Video Series

Michie Peachie Instagram

In her most recent multi-video Instagram update, fitness model Michie Peachie showcased her quadricep-focused workout.

Wearing her long hair up in a half ponytail and dressed in a curve-hugging bodysuit, the brunette beauty started her circuit with crossover step-ups on a stool. The exercise required her to stand with her feet shoulder-width apart before stepping down and to the side with her inner leg. During the demo, she instructed viewers to do a set of 12-15 reps on one side before switching.

In the second video, the stunner completed a set of uneven squats. The exercise involved leaving one foot on the stool and the other on the ground while she bent her knees. Michie encouraged viewers to use a standard squatting form while completing the exercise, explaining that the only difference was the elevation of the leg.

In the caption of the post, Michie disclosed that her bodysuit was from Bombshell Sportswear. According to the brand’s website, she wore their Sculpted Bodysuit in a color they refer to as “Autumn,” which retails for $119.

The fitness-centric post proved to be a hit with Michie’s dedicated Instagram followers. As of the writing, the multi-video update has received more than 22,000 likes and nearly 250 comments. Many fans took to the comments section to shower the bombshell with compliments, openly sharing their admiration for her.

“You’re extremely beautiful!! Love the body suit!! May I ask the size you wear?!” wrote one fan. Michie saw the comment and replied that the bodysuit she wore in the video was extra-small.

“My favorite color,” commented another Instagram user. “Your body is everything! So fabulous you are.”

Since Michie is a newlywed, several commenters also encouraged the model to take some time off to have fun on her honeymoon.

“Jeez Michie, take some time off and enjoy that honeymoon!” wrote a third fan. “You deserve it!!”

“You are wonderful, so inspiring and looking so unbelievably fit and super stunning,” replied a fourth follower.

In a previous video, Michie demonstrated a full-body workout while wearing a black-and-pink workout ensemble that consisted of a sports bra and biker shorts.

In the caption of the post, she revealed that the outfit was also from Bombshell Sportswear. Michie appeared to be on her honeymoon in the clip, as the geotag revealed that she was in The Maldives when it was recorded. She tagged the same location in a recent photo, which showed the brunette beauty wearing a wedding dress.

“You can do this with no equipment anywhere!!” Michie wrote in the caption. “This quick FAT BURN routine I did of 4 sets one sunny day!