Republicans Reportedly Livid At Adam Schiff For Suggesting Donald Trump Threatened Them Over Impeachment Vote

Adam Schiff speaks at a press conference.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Republicans in the U.S. Senate are reportedly livid at Adam Schiff after he quoted an anonymous source that allegedly stated that Donald Trump threatened Republicans to vote to acquit him or else they would end up with their “head on a pike.” Schiff’s remarks came during Trump’s ongoing impeachment trial.

Schiff is serving as House impeachment manager and has for the past several days been laying out the case against Trump. As Politico reported, his presentation earned good marks even among some Republicans, but that turned quickly when Schiff mentioned the uncorroborated report that the president had threatened them into voting in his favor.

“I thought he was doing fine with moral courage until he got to the head on a pike. That’s where he lost me… he’s a good orator,” said Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski. “You’ve got to give him that. And he was moving right along with good oratory… it was just unnecessary.”

Schiff seemed to backtrack a bit, saying during his presentation that he did not know if the quote was true.

Several other Senate Republicans said the report was false, stating they have not heard any threats from the Trump administration pushing them to vote to acquit him. Many even spoke out as Schiff read the words, with some saying “not true” and others looking visibly upset at the insinuation, the report noted.

As The Inquisitr detailed, the report claimed that the Trump administration was laying heavy on Republicans not to break ranks and vote to convict the president and remove him from office. There are no signs yet that any of the 53 Senate Republicans may be considering convicting Trump on either of the two counts passed by the House last month.

The alleged threat was shared in a Twitter post from CBS News on Thursday.

“Vote against the president & your head will be on a pike,” the report claimed, citing an unnamed “POTUS confidant.”

While Republicans were vehement in their denials that Trump threatened them, the president has been forceful in public statements and on Twitter that the Democrats do not have a case against him. Trump has long claimed that the impeachment proceedings were a political witch hunt and that there was nothing wrong in a call with the Ukrainian president during which Trump pressed him to launch an investigation of his political rival, Joe Biden. The case made by Democrats extends beyond this phone call, claiming Trump engaged in a wide-ranging campaign to pressure Ukraine that included withholding close to $400 million in much-needed military aid.