‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Makes Life Miserable For The Quartermaines

Nelle Benson has big plans.

General Hospital stars Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Nelle Benson has big plans.

Despite General Hospital being preempted by the Trump impeachment coverage for most of this past week, the spoilers are still going strong on what will happen soon on the ABC soap. Fans are getting antsy as the Nelle drama has just started, but they are unable to see it right now. The show is currently on hiatus and is taking it day by day, but as soon as GH is back, things will hit the fan big time in the Quartermaine mansion.

Nelle has just been released from Pentonville and is already making plenty of waves in Port Charles. Michael has taken over the situation with her and has decided that in order to keep her away from Wiley, he will keep her close to him. He has convinced her to stay at the Quartermaine house. That means she will have close access to all members of Michael’s family, including Brook Lynn, who has just returned to the fold. Soap Central teases that Nelle will try to get through to Ned’s daughter. There are no details on what she is pushing for, but it can’t be good.

This week’s print version of Soap Opera Digest has a couple of tidbits on this crazy situation that Michael has gotten himself into. Tracy and Ned won’t be happy with Michael letting his evil ex into their home. The magazine does indicate that Nelle won’t actually be living in the mansion, but she will be put up in the boat house instead. That won’t make her very happy, but she will still consider this an opportunity to drive the family crazy.

Nelle is expected to make everyone’s lives miserable as part of her plan to get as much money as she can out of them. She holds Shiloh’s ELQ shares, and she is going to give them enough grief so that they will pay her whatever it takes to get her to leave.

This whole thing will have Ned and Tracy pitting against Michael for bringing her to their home. That is sure to please Nelle even more. Little do they know that not only is Nelle planning on grabbing herself some Quartermaine money, but she is planning on grabbing Wiley as well.

Fans will be kept updated on when General Hospital returns. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, viewers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations over the preempting of their favorite soap. They are hoping that things will get back to normal soon. ABC will be keeping everyone updated on when that will be.