September 7, 2014
WWE: Daniel Bryan's Return Will Be Lackluster And Won't Include A WWE Championship

I love Daniel Bryan. Let's set the record straight that Bryan changed professional wrestling for the foreseeable future. What he contributed to the WWE is almost unmatched in this new era of wrestling. Fans from all around the world attached to Bryan like he was one of them.

It's almost as if that was the whole gimmick in the first place. Bryan stood for the hard workers who took the long route to the top. Everybody with hardships in life and continuous roadblocks followed Bryan like a role model.

For instance, he stood up to Authority, while doing the right thing. WWE fans considered CM Punk the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rather, Bryan was the PG Stone Cold.

Daniel Bryan and Stone Cold

One thing is for sure: WWE is missing Bryan's energy inside the ring. Right now, matches are not as entertaining. Bryan added another element to a wrestling match that is rare to find with the style of wrestling that is permitted in WWE.

On top of it all, WWE is getting even more boring inside of the ring. I didn't know if that was even possible. To hear some good news about a WWE superstar for a change, Brie Bella came out with an announcement today that involved Bryan's consistent injuries.

She told everybody that he would not need a second surgery. He is still rumored for the 2015 Royal Rumble, but nobody knows the true date that Bryan will be able to come back.

While that is great news for the WWE Universe, I'm about to burst the bubble on many Daniel Bryan fans. With Brock Lesnar dominating the wrestling landscape and the "Superman" himself, John Cena, not able to defeat him, there is no way that Bryan will become the WWE World Heavyweight champion with Lesnar around.

To further elaborate on my outlandish claim, Lesnar's next opponent has already been determined.

"According to, Lesnar will be feuding against Big Show and it will be for the title. Show has been working in a tag team angle with Mark Henry but he is reportedly in line for a shot at the championship belt.

Lesnar will be taking on John Cena in a rematch from SummerSlam on the 21st of September at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee."

As reported, the behemoth Big Show should be taking on Lesnar next. Although the match may not be as entertaining as fans would strive for, it makes the most sense. He is the biggest guy on the roster. It wouldn't make sense for Lesnar to fight a small guy after demolishing Cena.

Cena is considered the "gold standard." Nobody can touch Cena with his constant "hustle, loyalty, and respect" moniker that resides on a T-shirt or towel. If Lesnar beats Cena, logic states he can beat anybody with one arm tied behind his back.

Brock and Cena

In 2014, logic is thrown out the window. Lesnar needs to face believable people. Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins would never, realistically, beat Lesnar in a match. The size alone is daunting enough.

That's where Daniel Bryan comes in. There is no way he will face Lesnar in any capacity. How are the fans supposed to believe that Bryan can beat a true beast? It makes absolutely no sense. Trust me, I'm fluent on the verbiage of kayfabe, but that is still ridiculous. Size does matter, believe it or not.

I am a huge Bryan fan, and I don't want to see him face Lesnar. Winning would be illogical.

This also gives the WWE the opportunity to bury Bryan back to the upper-mid card. I hope they don't, because Bryan is a main event guy. After all of his hard work, he deserves a spot with the big guys. Feel free to disagree at will, but I'm just presenting the facts.

His absence will hand WWE the prime chance to not give him a title and until Lesnar gives it up at WrestleMania 31, he won't be in the main event. Reality will not be kind to Daniel Bryan or the WWE Universe.

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