Once-Healthy Teenage Athlete Nearly Loses Life To Juul Addiction: 'I Just Hopped On The Bandwagon'

Juul's eponymous products have become an increasingly popular product for American teens in recent years, despite fairly regular reports about young people suffering serious injuries and even cheating death due to vaping. Adam Hergenreder of Chicago, Illinois, is one of the most recent young people to speak out about the dangers of teenage e-cigarette use, according to WGNTV.

Hergenreder was once a healthy and successful athlete from Warren Township High School. When his classmates began trying out the Juul e-cigarette, he reportedly followed suit and eventually became addicted. He liked the way vaping made him feel and the sweet, fruity flavors that Juul offers for their liquid cartridges appealed to him. He says he started out with mint but over time, also tried mango and cucumber -- which he also liked.

As further reported, the teenager was hardly the first among his friends to try out the product. The majority of his school was allegedly vaping on a regular basis at the time he started, he recalled.

"I would say 80% of the school was doing it already. I just hopped on the bandwagon," Hergenreder said.

Hergenreder's mother, Polly Hergenreder, found out that her son was vaping and tried to do everything she could to break his habit, even throwing away his cartridges. She was concerned about the sheer volume of nicotine her son was consuming daily -- which was equivalent to over a full pack of traditional cigarettes, if not more.

"Adam was going through a pod and a half every day. That's equivalent to 20-30 cigarettes. My son would have never touched a cigarette but here he was using this device," she recalls.

But because he was reportedly addicted, he found other ways and eventually began vaping THC as well. The habit ended after the teen started to suffer from tremors and began throwing up as a result. He ended up on a ventilator due to lung damage that he sustained from water vapor sinking into the tissue of the lungs.

While Hergenreder survived this ordeal, it wasn't without life-changing consequences. His family has since filed a lawsuit against Juul and he is now trying to use his platform to encourage others to quit before they find themselves in a similar scary situation.

"Quit while you're ahead. You don't want anything to happen like what happened to me," he emphasized

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the United States is fighting against the problem of teenage vaping in various ways. The law to legally purchase tobacco products has changed from 18-years-old to 21-years-old and Juul announced it will no longer sell its flavored products in Canada.