Kendra Wilkinson Gets Sassy In New Workout Selfie

Michelle McGahan

Kendra Wilkinson recently took to her Instagram story to upload a cute pre-workout photo of herself in the mirror. The former Playboy model snapped the shot in what appeared to be a bathroom.

Kendra posed standing up, with one knee popped out. She took the selfie with one hand as she tugged on the bottom of her tank top with the other.

She wore a heather gray tank top that knotted at the bottom. The shirt was emblazoned with the phrase "Good Vibes" written in script. The sleeveless top flaunted her sculpted, sun-kissed arms. She wore black, skintight yoga pants, pairing the outfit with black-and-blue sneakers.

She cocked her head to the side as she took the picture in the full-length mirror. She appeared fresh-faced and makeup-free. Her blond hair was tied back in a ponytail.

"Time to workout," she captioned the photo.

In addition to the gym selfie, Kendra also shared photos of her ShoeDazzle collection on her Instagram story, posing in everything from a low-cut black top to a classic little black dress. In those images, she showed off three different kinds of footwear: black combat boots, stilettos with a see-through, lucite heel, and sneakers, which perfectly tied in with her workout post.

In the photo shoot image, she wore a full face of makeup, including dark lashes coated with black mascara, which accentuated her gorgeous blue eyes.

Most recently, Kendra announced via Instagram that her top priority is being the best mom she can be to her two children, Lil Hank, 10, and Alijah, 5. She also revealed that she took stock of her life and had been keeping things closer to the vest, while simultaneously trying to grow as a person and feel peaceful within herself.

"It's sometimes necessary to take a step back and live a more private life. Really focusing on self improvement and how to be the best mom i can be while my kids are young," she wrote.

"Being content and at peace with myself while exploring and experimenting with my new world is a work in progress," Kendra continued. "Balance is key but being brave to learn and grow is just as important."