‘The Bachelorette’ Stars React To News Of Tyler Gwozdz’s Death

John FleenorABC

Both fans and veterans of The Bachelorette and related shows were left shocked this week amid news that a former contestant had been hospitalized and ultimately died. Tyler Gwozdz, who appeared briefly on Hannah Brown’s season last spring, passed away this week after a suspected drug overdose. Now, others from the franchise are sharing their farewells.

Gwozdz was reportedly hospitalized nearly two weeks ago after someone called emergency services. The former Bachelorette contestant was being cared for there for a week due to what was believed to be a possible drug overdose. Shortly after this news emerged, it was revealed that Gwozdz had died.

As fans will recall, Gwozdz didn’t participate in Hannah’s Bachelorette season for long. He received the first one-on-one date of the season but was rather mysteriously removed from filming during Episode 3. Despite his short stay, many of his fellow contestants remained in touch with him or appeared to have developed positive memories of their time with him.

E! News spoke with Garrett Powell, who was also on Hannah’s season, about Gwozdz’s passing. Garrett called him a great friend and said he showed everybody in the house respect. Garrett added that he will be missed.

Daron Blaylock, who roomed with Gwozdz, told the outlet that his former bunkmate was a good friend and that the time the two shared while filming was unforgettable. Daron said his friend would be missed and he sent prayers to his family.

“I lost one of my closest friends today – Tyler I’ll miss you every day, miss our hours long conversations about nonsense over the phone, miss how d*mn funny you were, I had so much happiness and joy for what the future held for us as friends. I love you man, so much,” shared fellow The Bachelorette contestant Luke Stone via Twitter.

As Us Weekly details, quite a few other guys from Hannah’s season have shared statements about Gwozdz’s death.

“My heart goes out to his family in this time. Tyler was nothing but nice to me and a joy to be around,” shared Jed Wyatt, The Bachelorette contestant who earned Hannah’s final rose and was briefly engaged to her.

Luke Parker, who became a fairly controversial contestant during Hannah’s season, mourned Gwozdz’s death as well.

“He was a man with good intentions, he wanted to make a positive impact on the world… I hate it for his family and will continue to pray for them,” Parker shared.

So far, it doesn’t appear that Hannah herself has spoken out about the situation. Toxicology tests are pending and expected to take several weeks before results are issued.

The Bachelorette fans have been sharing their sadness over the sudden death across social media. Despite Gwozdz not being on the show for long, his passing clearly made an impact on those who follow the show.