Meghan Trainor Channels Old Hollywood Glam In Her Latest Instagram Photos

Tristan FewingsGetty Images

On Thursday, January 23, Meghan Trainor shared a slideshow of black-and-white photos on Instagram, portraits of herself looking like a movie star stepping out of the 1940s.

The “Blink” singer looked past the camera in the first picture, staring off-screen with her large, doe-like eyes. Her soft brown brows framed her face perfectly. She wore a thick swoop of black liner on the top of her eyelids, and her lashes fanned out and curled upward gorgeously. Due to the grayscale nature of the image, it was impossible to tell Meghan’s lip color, but it definitely looked like a matte finish.

Her blond hair was deeply parted to the side, and a cascade of soft, loose curls tumbled down her shoulders in waves. The suit she wore was divided into two different patterns: one a seemingly light gray plaid, the other black with pinstripes.

The background was blurred and out of focus so that Meghan really stood out in the photo.

In the second image, Meghan directly faced the camera, so fans got a better look at her suit. This angle really showed off the light gray half of the ensemble, literally shedding light onto the criss-crossed plaid pattern of the blazer, which was buttoned in the middle of her stomach. She wore a black cami underneath the suit.

Meghan tagged her entire glam team in the caption, including her brother, Ryan, who snapped the picture.

At the time of this publication, the set has racked up close to 88,000 likes and nearly 400 comments. Needless to say, Meghan’s “Megatrons” loved her vintage, black-and-white look, and fans rushed to the comments section to let their opinions be known. While some just left a string of heart-eye emoji, others couldn’t help but express their true thoughts with words.

“You are absolutely magnificent,” one follower gushed.

“You are so beautiful please,” a fan declared.

“Yeah these pictures just called me ugly,” one user joked.

Others were simply in awe of Megan’s ensemble.

“THIS JACKET,” wrote a fan in all-caps, emphasizing their love for the blazer.

This is far from the first time that Meghan has channeled some serious old Hollywood glamour, sometimes choosing to go the vintage route on the red carpet — perhaps unsurprising, considering some of her biggest hits have an old-school feel, like “Dear Future Husband.”

Meghan’s other Instagram ensembles have recently made headlines, like when she wore a white, studded bra underneath a sheer, cerulean top, or the time she wore a super-short, revealing dress with unzipped sides that went up to her hips.