Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Pushes Through Strenuous Leg Workout In Sports Bra And Leggings

Belgian fitness model Savannah Prez powered through a leg workout in the most recent video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a white sports bra and gray leggings, Savannah started the circuit with brisk toe touches onto a large rubber tire. She then hustled off to the barbell rack where she did a set of deep squats with the weight positioned in front of her neck. She moved the barbell to the back of her neck for another round of squats. But this time she anchored her feet and adopted more of a sitting motion as she did the exercise.

After she was done with the barbell, Savannah scurried off to a stationary bike for a quick cycling session. She looked completely burned out after that and the circuit ended there.

In the caption, the blond beauty said that this style of training was new for her and said that the circuit had her feeling "dead" afterward. She claimed to enjoy it nevertheless and recommended the workout to her over 600,000 Instagram followers, saying that their legs would be "pumped" because of it.

In the comments section, Savannah's fans showered her with praise.

"What an inspirational woman," one fan wrote before adding a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

"Got me pumped just by watching you," another Instagram user added.

"You're killing it, gorgeous," a third commenter wrote.

But a fourth fan offered her some advice on how she can improve her cycling form.

"Keep your arm downs and cycle, so you stabilize your trunk more," they wrote.

While this recent workout included bursts of cardio, in her previous Instagram videos, Savannah has tended to use exercise equipment and heavy weights to train her legs. In a clip she uploaded on January 2, she did squats with a barbell. In the caption, she shared that she hadn't wanted to go to the gym that day but forced herself to commit to the 60-minute leg-focused workout.

"I managed to squat 110kg today without any support so I'm happy," she wrote in the caption. "I always like to test my limits."

Even though she made it look effortless, Savannah also confessed that she really felt the effects of the workout while she was doing it.

"This burning sensation was INSANE all I can tell you," she continued.

The video proved popular with Savannah's fans, as over 35,000 Instagram users have liked the post so far, and more than 450 people have commented on it.