Diablo 3 Shown Off On Playstation 3

Diablo 3 on PS3

Diablo 3 gameplay was shown off on the Playstation 3 at Pax East yesterday. Blizzard has been talking about moving their PC hit to the consoles for a while now and yesterday they showed what that port will look like.

The company has seen their game shoot through the moon as far as sales goes. The title recently hit the 12 million sold world wide mark and this might be one of the reasons why Blizzard is taking the game to other formats.

Blizzard is having a rather large weekend, what with the announcement of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft but moving a popular game to the PS3 might even be bigger than a new title.

Diablo 3 is adding a four player splitscreen for the PS3 that will allow for easier multiplayer once it formally comes to the console. There is also a dynamic new camera look that will only be brought to the PS3.

There are some people who have always said that the game was originally designed with the console in mind and the button selection for the controls seems to bear that out. While the first release of the console version won’t have all the content that the PC version does, that content is expected to be released through various DLC.

The game has been confirmed for the PS3 and the PS4. There have been rumors that it will be coming to other consoles including the Wii U but Blizzard hasn’t actually confirmed those whispers just yet.

At the moment, Blizzard and Sony have an exclusive deal, but the title seems like something that could be put on the other consoles pretty quick when the exclusivity goes away. For now there isn’t an official release date for this version of the game.

Will you be looking to get Diablo 3 on the Sony Playstation when it is finally made available to the general public?