January 24, 2020
NBA Rumors: Kevin Love Could Remain With Cleveland Cavaliers Beyond February Trade Deadline

Since the 2019 NBA offseason, multiple signs have been indicating that All-Star power forward Kevin Love will be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers before the 2020 February NBA trade deadline. Though they currently have Love, the Cavaliers' roster -- as currently constructed -- clearly doesn't have what it takes to contend for the 2020 NBA championship title or even earn a playoff spot in the Kawhi Leonard-less Eastern Conference. As they continue to struggle in the 2019-20 NBA season, rumors surrounding Love and his future with the Cavaliers have started to heat up.

In his recent article, Chris Fedor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer revealed that Love would prefer to be traded before the deadline. At this point in his NBA career, it would undeniably be best for him to be moved to a legitimate title contender than waste his prime on a rebuilding team like the Cavaliers. However, despite his desire to compete for his second NBA championship title, Fedor also said that -- as of now -- Love hasn't demanded a trade from the Cavaliers.

In a post-game interview after Cleveland's 124-112 loss against the Washington Wizards, Love said that he wouldn't mind remaining as a Cavalier beyond the trade deadline.

"I will be happy if I'm still here," he said. "I fully plan on continuing to help these guys, continuing to help -- Tristan (Thompson), myself, Larry (Nance Jr.) these guys, being a leader with all the veterans. And this place, Cleveland, the fans, they've been really, really good to me. So, yes."

Though he's clearly not fond of the path Cleveland is currently taking, there's a strong chance Love will finish the 2019-20 NBA season with the Cavaliers. Several teams who are in dire need of additional star power may have been rumored to be interested in acquiring him, but as of now, the Cavaliers have not yet received a serious offer for the All-Star power forward.

Fedor mentioned some possible reasons why Love's potential suitors have yet to make a move. First, Fedor thinks that most of the teams are currently focused on positioning, which would help them figure out whether they will be buyers or sellers before the trade deadline. Also, many contenders in the league don't possess valuable trade assets that will entice rebuilding teams like the Cavaliers to engage in a blockbuster deal. Despite his health issues and lucrative contract, the Cavaliers are still reportedly expecting "something" in return for Love, which could be a trade package including a young player and a future first-round pick.