Belarus’ Nina Serebrova Stuns In Daisy Dukes And Caged Bikini To Promote Bang Energy Drink

Nina Serebrova takes a selfie.
Nina Serebrova / Instagram

Nina Serebrova set Instagram alight in the middle of winter with her latest offering on social media. In the Instagram video, she wore a tiny pair of daisy dukes and a colorful bikini that sent heatwaves across the web. The black-haired beauty was promoting Bang Energy’s Candy Apple Crisp flavor, but it was the model who raked in most of the compliments.

The seductive stunner wore a cut-off pair of daisy dukes and a white bikini with a seashell print. The high-waist shorts still allowed Serebrova to show off her washboard abs and tiny waist. Of course, the hottie was able to flaunt her cute booty in the teeny denim short. In addition, the caged bikini added interest as viewers had to actually focus to see Serebrova’s rather prominent cleavage.

Armed with a cavalier attitude and a booty to kill, the Instagram model skipped along a sandy beach while holding the energy drink. The video shows Serebrova in various poses enjoying her refreshment. In the background, clear blue skies and the tranquil sea set a rather relaxed vibe.

The model, who is originally from Belarus, styled her hair in casual disarray. Serebrova’s raven locks cascaded in silky beauty past her backside as she sashayed along the beach. She wore a bold brow, swept blusher across her cheeks and wore nude lipstick for the photoshoot. Serebrova looked spectacular.

The 33-year-old has a massive following of over 2.7 million people. The Belarusian knows her fans well and posts the type of content that they like to see. Those who follow Serebrova know that she consistently posts risqué pics and isn’t afraid to expose as much of her body as possible.

So it should come as no surprise that this particular video is already proving popular among her fans. Since she posted the clip, more than 16,000 people have liked it. Many fans also showed their pleasure at the offering by posting heart and fire emoji in the comments section while others took the time to put their thoughts into words.

“Great now I want to drink that thing, don’t even know what it is.. juice energetic drink?” one thirsty fan said as it seemed to have piqued his interest. Another follower wanted to know, “Does it taste as great as you look?”

A third fan wasn’t even interested in the drink. To him, it was all about the daisy dukes and he opined, “Your jean shorts are so damn amazing!”